zora_star (zora_star) wrote in pkmncollectors,

What time does Pokemon Center post new stock?

I know for stuff like plush and other merch, it's "whenever they feel" but do they have any specific time as to when they post their english card sets? Midnight? Daytime?

Went into Gamestop to order the Champion's Path Elite Box and apparently some scalper already came in the other day and ordeted 11! Card sites online are also trying to profit heavy themselves, and bump the price twice the MSRP... Feels like Hiddden Fates all over again, and just want to get 1! Early eBayers are already trying to sell the promo alone for the value of the whole box :/ Just cause Charizard I guess (I collect promos in general...)

EDIT: It's up now... INSTANTLY "unavailable"... do they have 0 stock already??
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