tub_gurnard (tub_gurnard) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Eevee plush ID & a finneon want

Hello again collectors! I recently got this eevee plush in a group buy and I have no idea what plush he is! I would appreciate the help if anyone with more eevee merch knowledge than me could identify him.

I'm thinking it's the older banpresto but it just looks a little off. Sadly I don't have any better photos since the seller only took a big group shot.

Also- A small very big want! I've been looking for this jakks finneon for ages (I know there is one on ebay but its being sold by a very notorious scalper and I do not want to support them.) I nearly had one but sadly the mercari seller had stopped responding to me :( So I am VERY determined to get myself this little fishy now. If you have him or know where one is please do let me know!

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