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Sales post: Pokemon Dolls House Furniture

Hello! I am going through my collection and letting go of some of my items! Today I have a number of items from the Pokemon Dolls House Collection up for sale.

Sales Permission granted by Areica on January 1, 2018
I also have 120+ sales on my Etsy shop to show I have experience selling: Here!
Some things are cross listed on Ebay but my prices are lower here :)

-Community rules apply
-I will not sell to banned or non-members of the community
- I accept Paypal only
- All prices are in USD, and do not include shipping or fees.
- Please mark as "goods and services" on Paypal!
- Haggling is accepted, but most of my prices are pretty close to what I paid, so I may not agree to lower my price.
- Please use the words “committed” or “quote” in inquiries so I know whether you are committing or merely asking for a quote. Commitments get priority over quotes.
-If you commit, payment is due within 24 hours after I give you the final amount.
-If items are not paid for 24 hours after a commitment (and no communication was given), I will give negative feedback.
-If you back out of a sale you will receive negative feedback.

-I ship from Boston, Massachusetts, USA
-I ship using USPS.
-I ship domestically and internationally, but please note that international shipping is high. -Domestic shipping starts at 3 dollars for packages but can vary.
-I can give fairly specific quotes for shipping costs since I own a scale for postage. These are light so most likely it will be the cheapest USPS option within the US.
-I may use (clean) recycled materials for shipping/packing; please let me know if this will be an issue (but I reserve the right to charge more for new materials).
-I generally will go to the Post Office once a week; if I do not think I will be able to ship quickly at any given time I will let you know before you purchase.
-Please provide me your name and address in Paypal when you buy an item!
-I will notify you when I ship an item.
-Once an item has shipped it is no longer my responsibility, but I will provide receipts of shipping.

-I live in a pet-free, smoke-free home.
-I will provide feedback after each transaction!
-Ask me if you need more photos of any items, I am happy to snap some.

Jigglypuff bed: $20

Furret Cushion: $18

Pikachu Couch: $35

Phanphy Slide: $20

Snorlax Couch: $42

Snorlax bed: $20

Sobble mini train: $15

Slowbro mini costume/sleeping bag: $15

Pikachu chair: $30


Oteire Pikachu Plush: $30

Ditto: $14 shipped

$2 Litten Figure

Funko Pikachu: $18 each (Gone: Completely thank-full)
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