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A new massive grail has finally arrived

I haven’t posted in a while but that’s because I have been accumulating so many items to do a bigger and better collection update. But this... just couldn’t wait.

This is my newest addition to my Shiny Pokemon collection:

Aah! The 2005 Daisuki shiny lottery prize Magikarp! Never in my wildest dreams I thought that I would ever get one of these elusive Carps. I saw that jazon4441 also was able to obtain one not so long ago and big congrats to them also! ❤️

I got some other goodies in the shipping box He came in so for the people who are interested to see more, I will add some more goodies under the cut.
Thank you for your time!

First of a pic showing all of the goodies!

Now the other cool thing in the box was this Meiji Talking Team Rocket statue! They chant the Japanese team Rocket motto. How cool is that?! Including the original box, the winning notice, instructions and the flier showcasing the two prizes you could win. The other prize was Pokemon pinball.

Next up is a blue scarved Top Insight Mystery dungeon Pikachu. There also exists a red scarved one.

Now onto the Skytree Town Shiny Rayquaza Poncho Pikachu keychain. So cuute!

2015 Tomy N3DS Shiny Mega Rayquaza stylus

A booklet/folder/checklist with Shiny Kids Bandai figures on it. Could it also be a competition entry?

A tissue box cover with Ash, Misty, Brock and Ash’s Pokemon on it including Ash’s Noctowl.
I got this thanks to a community member who shared this listing with me. <3
Also in this picture: a Pokemon Center Online post card including a tiny Dunsparce and a page from a Diamond & Pearl calendar with Dunsparce.

Now A Shiny Magikarp Pokemon center sticker.

Next is a super cute magnetic Magikarp fishing game. This was too cute to pass up.
The Magikarp have points on the bottom. I’m Not sure if there was supposed to be another rod included though.

Last but not least something I forgot to add in the overall picture.
It’s a plastic mug from Meiji. I bought it because there is a ditto in there that transformed into a bucket of Ice cream. But it’s blue... so I immediately though SHINY! Lol probably not a shiny but still cool that they made him blue.
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