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Desk Setup, Decorating, and Gets!

Hoi! Hope everyone had a good weekend.
It took me two days but I finally got my desk set up just right. Might make a few changes here and there but I am really happy with how it turned out and wanted to share some pics. Also wanted to share some recent gets! So more under the cut :) (you can click for full size pics)

I had an idea of what I wanted to do for the posters but the TCG stuff was just an afterthought. I think they really completely the look.

Closeups of all my TCG Boxes, Tins, and the few figures I decided to display. Still haven't figures out how to display my other figures.

Sw&Sh Galar Banner and some of my Shikishi.

Also put some posters behind my Giants' display

And here is the full corner in all its glory!

Now on to the gets!

Got an amazing deal on the whole Lycanroc Pokedoll line tto.

And these guys came yesterday. Mocchirin snom is somehow bigger than I expected him to be and I knew he was pretty big.

And lastly, new self because my other displays are full.

Thanks for looking!

Tags: articuno, collection, collection update, figures, lycanroc, plush, pokedoll, pokemon center, ponyta, tcg, zapdos

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