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Recent Gets and a Question


I'm back! My name is Ray/Rachel and my primary collection is alolan vulpix, lifesize pokemon, sleeping pokemon and shiny pokemon merch. I don't tend to post but I do like to lurk around. I recently got some mini grails in my box and I wanted to double check the authenticity of it.

Sneak Peak!

This is what was in the box! There are some harder to find alolan vulpix iteams such as the luck bag vulpix, the dessert plate vulpix, the plush music box vulpix and the Hatsune Miku Alolan Vulpix collaboration buttons. I also got one of the pokemon time pikachu plushies and an old vintage pichu bros button. Last but not least is the shiny gyarados plush! While I do think it is authentic it is completly missing the tags and I wanted to double check the authenticity.

Outside Lighting

Indoor Lighting

He is one of my grails and I would like to make sure he is legit. I got him from Yahoo Japan. Any input would be nice.

Thanks for reading!

Tags: alola form, gets, gyarados, pichu, pikachu, plush, vulpix

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