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Year 2020 wrap-up

Hello community ^_^
Year 2020 has come to an end and there have been so much going on, both bad and good things. From a collector's point of view, this year was good to me with tons of new gets. I thought I'll share a few highlights! Here are my top 5 gets in 2020!

[Top 5]

5. Second Sceptile Pokédoll

There was a person who was selling their Sceptile Pokédoll for a while and since no one wanted him, I thought I'll rescue him <3 I have this habit of wanting two of each plush. Don't blame me, I love them in pairs!

4. Sceptile Bandai EU figure

I was searching this figure for quite a long while. I got super lucky with it because one person on Instagram contacted me and offered me an excellent deal!

3. PMD Rescue Team DX Treecko standee

I never knew this thing existed until I accidentally saw it on eBay. I was about to win it for a cheap price but then at the very last second some naughty imp sniped it from under my nose. Luckily I was able to find another listing with a buy it now price. It was a bit expensive but totally worth it!

2. Treecko DX Pokédoll

This was one of my top grails! I still wouldn't have it if I hadn't join the Discord group! I'm so happy to finally have all 4 Pokédoll sizes!

I bet you know what number one is :D Well, no surprise here!

1. I got my life size Sceptile!

Yes, you knew it! This is the best get in 2020. I was so excited to finally unbox my baby! My body was totally flooding with serotonin and dopamine! And guess what? He has a name now! My Instagram followers named him "Leopold" and I love that name! He is so precious, I love him to death!

Finally, a quick look how it's looking at the moment.

You can't see absolutely everything because there are lots of plushies buried under each other :D I currently have 81 Treecko line plushies. I'm pretty confident I reach 100 next year! 2021 is going to be a good year too. I'm so excited about the gen 3 fits! I'm going to get at least 2 Treeckos, Grovyles and Sceptiles! This is so exciting!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading and happy New Year everybody! Be safe ^_^
Tags: collection update, grovyle, sceptile

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