sprinklesylveon wrote in pkmncollectors

💖🎀 Sylveon Ita Bag Update 💖🎀

I already posted this on my twitter but I might as well share it here too. c:

Took me all weekend but I got around to starting the new year with updating my sylveon bag. The previous bag was smaller, so I'm glad that I could could decorate the new bag with more cute sylveons. There's still a couple of more charms & pins that I couldn't fit in there, so I might start a large pinboard for them and future pins. I would also like to eventually add some of the official sylveon badges/pins, but those are hard to come by for a decent price. 

More closeups and better view of the outside keychains under the cut.

Here are the keychains that I have dangling from the zipper clasps and some on the ribbon lace on the sides of the bag. You could imagine how clickety clackity this bag is. 😅

It's really rewarding to have this finished! 💕 

Thank you for taking time to look! c:


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