clowenator wrote in pkmncollectors

seeking last metal figure!

i rejoined the community last year with the intention of collecting every one of the first series of pokémon metal collection figures and i'm excited to say that i'm extremely close to finishing the set! there's only one pokémon left that i don't have (and then at least one trainer figure but i'm not as worried about that). 

anyway, it's victreebel that i'm missing. i have been keeping my eye on auctions here, on eBay, and everywhere else that i can think of but i've never even seen one. maybe it's just not that popular? but i figured this would be the place to ask! if anyone's a collector i'd love to even see a photo of one if nobody has one to sell.

to my knowledge i'm only missing brock and nurse joy from the trainer figures on the off chance someone's got one. 


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