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Lots of new Gets!

I've added a variety of new additions to my collection and wanted to show them of ^-^ including the Life Size Appletun which is amazing as well as a mini grail! I've also started an Instagram for my collection and would love to find other collectors to follow!
It's www.instagram.com/siospkmnpc

Here's Appletun to start this off and more pics under the cut!

So I'll star off with my mini grail, the 2018 Bulbasaur Pokedoll! I really wanted this guy when he came out but I waited thinking he wouldn't be that hard to get, well it turns out he was very hard to get and even tho he didn't come out that long ago, it felt like I was searching for ages. Managed to get a MWT one which is amazing cause I would have even settled for TTO

Next up are the Comfy Friends line! I first got Larvitar and Skwovet and loved them so much I got Toxel. Now I'm thinking of getting Substitute and Dedenne next

I ended up getting some new pokedolls, Galarian Meowth and Clobbopus, along with the Christmas Wonderland Scorbunny. The Falinks and Sobble Pokedoll were gifts for friends for Christmas.

Another Pokedoll get was the Scolipede pokedoll!

Got a variety of things from an Original 151 pickup. The PC Raboot, PC Polteageist, Jigglypuff Pokedoll, and the PC Slowking who I could not pass up because of how much he reminds me of the "Praise the Sun meme" xD

My friend got the tbe Pikachu and Zekrom Tag Team Tin for Christmas

I saw another collector who got the WCT Corviknight and loved it so much I tracked one down for myself. I just love how much personality this plush exudes!

And now for today's arrivals starting with a bunch of the new Takara Tomy Arts I Choose you! plushies! Lugia, Scizor, Eevee, Dragapult, and Zoroark. They are sooo nice. I loved that they were fuzzy with plastic eyes like old Pokemon toys used to be but the material is so SOFT! They're all extremely high quality with amazing tag art. I'll be giving them more spotlight on my Instagram so if that's something you're interested in follow the link above!

I also got the large size Kutakutatta Riolu! Its super cute and soft, with beans in his bottom, legs and tail he's pretty weighted.

And now for the main course!
He is HUGE and stuffed with Marshmallow fluff, the same stuff the Mochirin line are stuffed with so he is extra quishy. I cant get over how perfect he is!

And that pretty much sums up my gets over the last few months :) thanks for reading this far! I have a few more excited gets in the mail but they'll be a while before they arrive.

One more bonus Appletun pic before I sign off

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