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Massive Pokemon Plush, Figure and Merch sale [Moving Day]

Hello all, happy new year! It's been...oh, a good decade, since I last showed my face, so I wouldn't expect many to remember me--but for those who do, it's nice to be back! ^^; (TL;DR, life happened.) At any rate, I have returned, and I'm currently in the process of downsizing a huge chunk of my collection in preparation for an upcoming move (so hoping some of these will go quickly) There's a lot here, so please be sure to check it all out. I know the awesome people of this community will give these things a good home, so I hope you'll find something you like! Anyways, thanks so much for checking this out! :)

Due to the massive size, I've broken each category in to their own individual post, but I have disabled comments on those--let's just consolidate them all here :)


  • Sales permission given in 2010 through heerosferret (grandfathered in by pokemontrader)

  • Seller feedback can be found  HERE (this is the NEW thread--my old one appears to have been lost to time :\)

  • I have a $5 minimum on sales, thank you for understanding!

  • Located in the US, willing to ship internationally, just let me know.

  • I am open to reasonable OBO on plushes. Really want these to go to a good home!

  • Open to specific figure trades, see that post for more info.

  • All sales are final. Please do not back out of confirmed sales.

  • Payment required within 24 hours. If more time is required please let me know!

Now without further ado, on to the sales!




Tags: figures, plush, sales, tomy

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