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20% off due to job loss

Selling rules

Given selling permission by Pokémontrader on 11/02/2020

Sale rules are as follows:
USA only if you wish to have a middle man that is fine but must be dealt with on your side solely
all payments are in usd unless stated otherwise
PAYMENT PLANS ARE ACCEPTED all payment plans must be paid through Venmo on a four payment basis unless stated otherwise
you are responsible for any and all PayPal fees once a agreement has been made I will give you grand total
all payment plan items WILL NOT be shipped untill full payment is made.
if at anytime you wish to back out of payment plan a 2$fee will be taken per received payment
items will be shipped out on Mondays
all club rules are in effect
shipping will not be included in price Comment “I’m not new”if you have read rules

Pokémon plush prices before discount
Jam unopened together 15
Golden magikarp-180
Shiny mega gengar-85
Shiny mega ray-160
Mime jr-30
Xerneas -40
I luv eevee 25
Small substitute 35
Sb lapras 40
Sb cyndiquil 40
Ditto gloom 25
Ditto poliwag 25
Darkari 25
Canvas foongus 25
Canvas purloin 30
Chandelure sold
Arceus 35
Cresselia 65
Yveltal 35
Xerneas 35
Slowpoke 30
Greninja 89
Espurr 25
Carbink 35
Rayquaza 40
Kyoger 40


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