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Pkmncollectors Collection Master List

Due to popular demand, the pokemon collection website is back. (:
Please fill up the form to submit your website. To make it search friendly, please type out all the names of the pokemon in your collection accordingly. For example, if your main collection is the Dratini evolution line, please put Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonite.

You must log into your google account to submit an entry! It has been limited to 1 submission per entry to prevent spamming. It will allow you to edit your submission anytime. If you have any issues, please contact me via PM directly.

Click below to submit or view the master list (opens in new window):

----------------------------- x ----------------------------- x -----------------------------

----------------------------- x ----------------------------- x -----------------------------

(Ctrl+F friendly)

----------------------------- x ----------------------------- x -----------------------------

You can access this post on the sidebar of pkmncollectors anytime (it will not be stickied) under "Pkmncollectors Collection Master List".
Any suggestions please contact me (nysaurus) directly. Thank you.
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