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First gets of 2021!

Hello community ^^

There are tons of cool stuff coming this year and I have already gotten some in! These gets are from the last several weeks!

[On to the gets!]

First up is Battle Frontier Grovyle figure with a marble. That figure looks so good!

I literally waited for 8 months for these mefa Sceptile resin figures! I preordered them last spring on my birthday so these are my last year's birthday presents :D To be honest, I am a bit disappointed because I expected the to be a little higher quality. Especially the smaller one isn't actually the highest quality. But I still DO like them!

Finally, the most anticipated gets! Two baby Sceptiles hatched the other day! Yes, I finally got my first two Sceptile fits <3 I really, REALLY love them!

So cute!

Now that's what you call a happy family! There are still 2 Treeckos, 2 Grovyles and 2 more Sceptiles yet to come (I accidentally ended up getting 4 Sceptiles...). My home is slowly becoming a green lizard den XD Here are some updated numbers: I now have 83 Sceptile line plushies and 150 Sceptile line figures!

Finally, guess who is celebrating his first anniversary? I unboxed my custom life size Sceptile exactly a year ago! I love that thing to death ;__;
That's it for now! Have a good weekend and be safe ^_^
Tags: collection update, figures, gets, grovyle, plush, sceptile, treecko

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