megayadoran (megayadoran) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales post: Japanese 2003 Altaria Pokedoll Plush

Sales permission granted by PRINCESS_SNIVY on 09/05/20
Feedback link

- All community rules apply
- First to dibs policy (payment must be made within 24 hours, backing out will result into a negative feedback and the item will be given to the next person)
- Prices aren't included of shipping and PayPal fees (PayPal fee is 4.4% of the item's price + shipping fee)
- I don't do holds
- I can give quotes upon request but it doesn't guarantee you a priority unless you're committed
- I only accept payments through PayPal (goods and services) which must always be in USD
- I'm located in the Phippines and I only use DHL Express for shipments worldwide (3-5 days ETA, 1-3 days handling time)
- No returns, I am not responsible for lost or damaged items in transit
- I have the right to refuse selling to someone if their actions are deemed inappropriate or it doesn't qualify the seller's standing
- My sales are cross-posted

For sale:
Japanese 2003 Altaria Pokedoll Plush - SOLD

Tags: altaria, pokedoll, pokedolls

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