rockfluff wrote in pkmncollectors


Got some fun bits to share!

Corviknight scale world, flats, and a buizel for a friend's birthday! Corviknight scale world is MUCH bigger than I was expecting.

Corviknight scale world is absolutely beautiful! Really heavy and sleek. This is easily the best quality figure in my collection.

I managed to find a neat bundle lot of Chatot flats on Y!J which was such a cool find. Flats aren't expensive to buy on their own, but the 300¥ fee on each item really starts to add up. Getting a bunch in one bundle lot meant it was 300¥ fee for the lot!

Finally and in really exciting news, I got in my INCREDIBLE custom shiny chatot pokedoll by Emberfallplush! I'm so excited to own my first custom plush, and such a neat one to boot. They chose some really beautiful colours for this boy!


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