fdarkly (fdarkly) wrote in pkmncollectors,

small grail get + sales update

I'm so happy that I finally found an Eevee bobble head figure! It's in used condition though, and unfortunately it's missing one neck "hair" piece which should have located behind it's head. The most interesting part about this figure is that it has two left feet! I guess it's a factory error, it's so funny, and maybe the only one in the world that has two left feet?!
2020 has been a hard year for collectors because of international air mail being down between Japan and US, I slowed down on buying newly released promo A LOT, and sadly lost on a huge Lucario grail on Mercari (I purchased and paid but it was cancelled by the seller) . It's a long story and very dramatic, I thought of quiting collecting Lucario seriously at the time that drama happened. I hope this year I'll have more to share with the community, and I'll try to update my collection site more frequently, if I'm able to get things shipped to me faster and cheaper :( Here's the link to my site: Eevee's Paradise

Also a sales post update: added Palnart Poc Alolan Vulpix brooch. I'm willing to give discounts to large orders, just ask. Some items are cross posted on ebay but I always list at lower prices here. Click HERE or the picture to go!
Tags: eevee, lucario, rockruff, vulpix

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