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Hello everyone! New here and looking for the Tomy Heartland 24"/56cm Dialga plush

Thanks for approving me! I wanted to start my first post on here with a little introduction: I have been a Pokémon fan since back in the day, Pokémon Blue Version was the first game I ever got and even proudly paid for myself as a little 6 year-old.

I started out collecting the TCG like most people probably, and more recently have found an appreciation for the plushes. Since my three favorite Pokémon are currently Gengar, Dialga and Charizard, I am looking for a certain Dialga plush released in 2007/2008: the 24"/56cm tall Tomy Heartland Dialga plush.

Does anyone here have one for sale or know a place I can get him from? I am keeping an eye on Yahoo Auctions and eBay of course, but maybe someone here is looking for a happy new home for theirs. I know it might not be the cheapest plush out there but rest assured I am willing to pay a fair price.

Since there are a few Dialga plushes that are a bit hard to tell apart, here is an excellent guide I found by happyjolteon:
The specific one I am looking for is the one below the picture of which it says "24" Pokemon Center Giant Tomy Plush".

Have a nice week everyone and maybe hear from you soon!
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