Sillvally Guardian (silvallyzel) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Sillvally Guardian

LF silvally items

Still looking for a few Silvally items please any help would be amazing all these items i would be willing to buy ASAP  (willing to look at other silvally items you may have)

i only need the bag for this item

a note book of some kind

medium sized crdboard Silvally ddakji


this is Silvally gum wrapper                              this it the outside wrapping for the version that has silvally would accept unopened versions of these
               Origami paper with stickers i need one but would be willing to buy multiple                         

Big PS.

im also wondering if the person who now owns this custom plush would be willing to sell. it has become a bit of grail for me. (i regret the hell out of not buying him when i could)


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