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last half of 2020 and start of 2021 with Latis, Lugia, Weavile, Ninetales & more oh my! [gets]

Well, hello again comm! I'm back here with another 6 months get post...although I suppose we could call in 7 seeing as though I'll have the start of  this years too! I've been on & off trying to clean my room, organise some sales  in order for another day and bit by bit I am getting there...plus all the new shipping rules and PP rules means I'll need to catch up with myself...!

Anyway, I go by Soital, Latté, Lati, Soi, Moo, Latios, whatever you want really, I don't get fussed! I've been collecting for a super long time and have seen so many good things and watched all sorts of collections grow, I love it! My Main collections are: Latios, Latias, Lugia, Weavile & Ninetales (both)! I aim to collect, record and cherish everything and anything of them! Digimon lovers; I main collect Impmon & Renamon (with Kyubi, Yaa and Viximon!)

I have a LOT of side collections...I wish I could collect them all throroughly but alas I cannot! But slowly and surely I collect; Leafeon, Jolteon, Haunter, Mismagius, Houndoom, Skarmory, Zangoose, Salamence, Absol, Lopunny, Froslass, Glameow, Giratina, Fennekin/Braixen, Zorua, Miltank, Shiny Vulpix, Litten/Torracat and Nickit line !

August 2020

Pictured: Real escape Lugia staff t-shirt, Leafeon & Jolteon plush, kid figures, Jolteon & Vulpix style figure. Lugia tomy figure, Leafeon key holder, Pokemon 2000 book, Latias & Latios 5th movie sticker, Glameow Ensky Puzzle, TOMY Capsule Lugia figure, Lugia battle wheel.

A nice haul of goodies here and they mainly focus on my side collections, Leafeon & Jolteon along with Lugia! I'm much behind on the Leafeon & Jolteon plush but I think bit by bit I can slowly...hopefully catch up with them at one point and I didn't realise how BIG the fuzzy plush are!! I thought they'd be the same size as their other winking partners in a way it was a pretty nice suprise but I have no idea where I was going to be putting theres! Lets look at something quite unique in this lot....

So a really special get here is the Real Escape 2018 Lugia T-Shirt! These weren't for sale naturally and were worn by staff members of the event and it has such an adorable image of Lugia at the front! I was super bummed at first because I saw the shirt for sale but it was already sold when I saw it...but then it went up for auction on a different site?! No one bidded as well so I got this baby for a small price of 1,000 yen!  I was beyond elated, love this yellow and it looks really nice overall! (Perhaps I need to iron it....haha)

I love the fact that the F has Lugia's tail fins at the end of it, thought it was a lovely touch! This is small in size and I was able to fit into it! I might take a better pic of that though one day! :3

YIPEEE finally got the other "old/new" versions of the original Jolty kid figures, one with his painted spikes the other without! Now all I need one day is that attack clear and I'll finally be done with the Joltys, gosh I love kid figures, I really long for more, especially shiny and clear versions!

I'm really happy to get another Glameow item and this was minty fresh from the packet! This is the Ensky 2007 Glameow Crystal puzzle collection! It's small enough and comes with a stand so you can hold it up like a piece of art, beautiful simply beautiful! I did see one before this but sadly lost the bid however I'm glad I did now as I now have the stand to go with it and the little paper insert!

More little goodies in between this month! I was linked to Latias & Latios tattoos which I bought immediately...unfortunately the Latios ones sold just seconds before me...drat! But I will get them again, eventually! Nice to see these pop up though as I haven't seen them in such a long time, minty fresh as well and OK price! Snagged Jolty & Torracat from my local food store which pleased me, always happy to find merch within the UK for a change!!!

I bought some lovely lovely Furikake Alolan Ninetales packets from the unofficial pkmncollectors discord! I was SO happy again thanks to perritbear! There's two more colours to get of this and I went on a super hunt to try and find them...but more info about that later down the page!!  You always have such lovely food gets and it's fantastic!

Massive massive thank you for the absolutely gorgeous gift of the Weavile figure from methuselah!!!! I am so happy and will forever be with me in my Weavile collection! I adore clear figures to pieces even if they're not exactly official, he's quite similar to the Jakks figure in size and pose...except the arms! The fact that he's clear red too is just PERFECT for him! x3

Not exactly a new get....I found my old Pokedex after cleaning through my room, under my bed and all the sales boxes...it's quite a long process and when you see the sales post maybe you'll understand haha! ^^; But I can't believe my Pokedex actually still works...so naturally I had to bring up my lovely Ninetales as a part...of Ninetales merch? Weeeeelll kinda! Brought me back down memory lane!

October 2020

Pictured: It'sDemo Alolan Ninetales 2020 Sweet Dreams promotion, Furikake 2019 packets, Neo2 Light up Keychain Weavile, Pokelid Alolan Ninetales, Froslass Rubber Keychains, Latias & Latios rubber charms, Lugia Keshipoke & varied Impmon/Renamon images.

Right. So a promotion came out that had a buuuunch of Alolan Ninetales strapped on.,..did I try get everything? Yes. Was it worth it? Eh, kinda! I bought most of them straight from the shop thanks to my middleman so nothing was ludicrously expensive...asides one or two items and this wasn't everything! My favourite items are probably the treasure box, accessory box and the cup! Oh of course I always like the pens ehehe...I completely missed the last Ninetales Demo version where it was Kanto tales so I'm slowly trying to build that back up too! They quite cute! Lets look at some of my highlights here though!!

First things first..............GRAIL GET!! Gosh I have been after this Weavile light up keychain for SO long I never thought I'd find it! Of course...I was adamant to find it but finding it came with more suprises...here's me thinking the official images meant he was in a Pokeball turns out...there's now THREE different variatons of this Weavile...argggh! Why?! Some sets seem to be so hard to come by and then things appear all in one go! So there were two versions of this, the Neo2 and a Movie special. Both of these have a Master Ball and Pokeball version and I imagine they're just re-makes of each other but when Neo2 came along they added an Ultra ball too! This means...well two more? Four? I think two! To get a master ball Weavile though is glorious! The lights even work still?! It WAS dying though so I'm sure it'll go out of battery soon....but I managed to take a photo of him alight! I am so so SO happy about this because Weavile merch for me is slow.....he can be so hard to get things for not because he's insanely popular or anything but because that era of merch he dominated in is so undocumented !! Document it I SHALL! x3!!! Will I find the others....? Time tells!

Awaaaaaa this promo has some of THE BEST Alolan Ninetales art ever I love love LOVE it!!! This rubber keychain is adorable and I couldn't simply wait for the next goodies of this promotion to come to meee but I had a load of ItsDemo and Pokelid would have to wait, I'm still happy for this keychain how beautiful is she?! Icy Ninetales...you're so pretty! ^^ !

So what are these huh? 2019 Furikake packets that's what they are! I bought as many as I could found all at pretty decent prices and there's 20 in a set...I'm hunting for my Alolan Ninetales colours that I don't have so the green and pink...will I get them?! I have a chance....! Weeellll......

YES eventually I did...but not in those three packets....! I managed to pull a green furikake from my 3 packets and an extra yellow I think but sadly I did not get the pink!!! There's more chances of Pink as there was more of them packed but sadly it was not meant to be....HOWEVER a turn of events happened when a dear friend tub_gurnard linked me to a seller who was selling these packets on eBay of all places?! They had the PINK one only of 'tales I couldn't believe the luck!!! I'm so happy and proud to have all four colours of these beautiful seasoning packets! I will sell all the other pulls eventually! ^^! I also bought some extra packets of Fennekin from that seller too!

A lot of highlights from this package was basically Digimon related, I will post them elsewhere but I'm ecstatic about my Impy Ren finds that year!

Speaking of which.... I bought these from tub_gurnard !! There was a group buy of the potential Korean pogs that could have Alolan Ninetales and Lugia in...happy to have been able to claim both and what was even better was that...lovely lovely cards and wrapper of Weavile AAAAAAAA thank you thank you thank you!!! It always makes me so happy with suprises like this! x3

December 2020

Pictured: Pokelid Mugs, Poster, Sticker, Postcard, Ninetales alarm clock, ItsDemo Ninetales mini clearfile, cream, pouch. Pokepark Stamp sheet, Lugia 2000 Movie Clock, Lugia & Absol Furikake packets, Froslass, Leafeon plush, Lugia hat, Ensky Leafeon & Lopunny crystal collection puzzle, Lati pogs, Leafeon DS carrier pouch, Lugia 251 box, Latias, Latios, Lugia & Giratina HB pencils, Absol Movie Coaster, Rita Papercraft Johto book!!!

OH MY so many good things in this package...actually this is my favourite of the last half of the year! My middleman is so good to me ^^!   Okay...wow oh WOW those Pokelid posters and stickers are big...I anticipated it but...it's so hard to find a place for my Alolan Ninetales now!!! I'll find one...somehow! I'm happy with the few plush I got, always wanted them just had to find them for an OK price! X3 I think once again Ninetales was the one that dominated the package full off goods this time along with a little bit of Lugia and ImpRen! It's so interesting to see what I get more of in the  months that go by!  My lack of Lati items lately is a big poop though, I am hoping to get some things of theirs but I did get a nice haul the first half! x3

I forgot to add this guy to the image though! This was one of those items I could have lost in my long lost package from yoinks ago...still never came back to me but maybe one day.. XD thankfully he was in a different package!! He is GORGEOUS I absolutely love big figures like this, if only they made them for all the other mons! He's a lottery figure and he'll be keeping me company near my computer for now!

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Ensky D&P crystal puzzle of Leafeon and Lopunny I've wanted for so long but never found again! They don't pop up all that much but they can from time to time...just this oen seemed to elusde me for a while, I'll forever remember the art on it though I remember being so happy two of my collections being on her and Pachi is just cute too! I love DPP merch quite a lot! I wish they made more of these puzzles!

Along with the Leafeon puzzle I also got a long awaited want for Leafeon...the DS Lite case! I've adored this pattern for a long time and I recall always wanting one of these when I was a teen so...had to get it! Nice and packed up looking gorgeous! x3

An item that I had to buy again because it was in my forever lost package but........OMG how beautiful!!!! I am so so SO happy that Kanto tales got a lot of love and it's all thanks to the Alolan tales from Sun & Moon eh?! She is getting so much gorgeous merch and I just hope it continues at a steady pace!

LOVEEEE BIG LOOOOOOVE ah this artwork?!!? This and the coin are definitely my fav pieces from the set, they have such elegance to them.... I couldn't sue this mug...I just couldn't!!! I wish I had a spare though...it'd be cool! I hope they continue with these Pokelids, it was quite nice of my middleman to order them online for me straight from the shop so I didn't have to pay yucky scalpy prices!! Horray!

But low and behold...... there was one item in this lot that outshined the rest when I opened it. I have been after it for years and I was so adamant on finding them!! Luckily the book I wanted had all the Johto mons I want! (Perhaps other than Ariados anyway!) and that was....

The Rita GS 2000 Papercraft book.....! Absolutely new and in tact! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this listing?! Everywhere I've been it was out of stock looong ago! It was a stock image to be honest and I wasn't sure if it was a legit listing but....I just went screw it lets give it a chance and I am SO SO SO glad I did?! I've been able to confirm a heck of a lot with this book alone why are they so elusive?! Well...I have many theories!  Honestly I wanted the book just for the book as well, reflective Lugia book!

Here's what's inside, this is volume 2! Ho-oh's is volume one! Skarmory, Miltank, Houndoom....all in one...Lugia too...turns out I have this Lugia in the first place!!! My hunt for Skarmory is over...along the way I found Miltank and Houndoom too how amazing!!

SKARMORY .... - GRAIL GET! <3 Now...the massive question is...do I keep this in pristine condition? Do I make them...? Oh it's such a hard decision...  a stupidly rare book but... bah what do I do guys?! ;; I know I can make a lot of collectors happy selling the others...!  I've not forgotten our promise I totally understand your dillema with your gold book too!! ietne

January 2021

So that ended 6 months...but might as well add a couple extra! This marks a new year....what better way to start it off with a nice handful of long awaited wants...!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I have FINALLY found one of many mini models I don't have of Ninetales yet!!!! Shimmery Green Ninetales! These colours are somewhat hard to find the longer you look...! I'll record them all..I'll gett them all...some time!! I'm just so happy to find one x3

A huge want of mine for some time the 2009 HGSS Lugia Can badge!!! I'd love the card it comes with one day but I'm not fussy, really love the can badges...beautiful Aeroblast pose here!

Another...WEAVILE GRAIL GET AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA it was my most wanted current Weavile item and I lost this TWICE!!! As in the post lost!! So remember my lost package of 2020? Yeaah I bought the coloured coin way back for like 300 yen I was SO excited...but then it got lost to the nether.... xwx. So...I was reaally sad... as this one of two high wants in my lost package!! So massive lot appears...yeah went for a stupid price...I ended up with like 4 of these coins EACH ROFL! Of course that means other mons too like Lucario, Mime Jr etc....I'll pop them in my sales post but MY GOD they cost a lot xwx stilll...had to get him...and I don't regret it!!! x3

So these coins were made during AG and theres 4 variants I know of. They were made by TOMY most likely 2005 based on Weavile and AG coming to a close to make way for DPP. Weavile is a DPP mon but he was released in advanced before DPP era kinda hit off! So did Lucario, Bonsly, Mime Jr & Munchlax. Ahh...I remember the silouhettes and people guessing what things looked like..I really enjoyed that speculation!

February 2021

Pictured: Banpresto 2003 Changing Plate Spinners of Absol, Salamence, Zangoose, Latias & Latios. Lugia TOMY, Weavile Neo2 Light up Pokeball verision. AG Glider.

To end it, this months package! Small but great! I can't believe I got ANOTHER Weavile light up keychain...but the Pokeball version?! So...just the Ultra Ball version now!!! They all come in one go I swear....after it for yoinks and then they all start coming out of the woodworks! The "spinners" are what captured my eye the most here and.... I had to shell out an arm and leg for them, there's a huge lot of Hoenn Pokemon on these things and I will be selling the extras but sadly I spent a pretty penny for them...so I have to take that into account xwx!! Anything with my Latis I dont have yet seem to be stupidly high these days! But nevertheless I will slooowly still try to get some things x3! (Currently saving for a deposit on a house too...fun adult stuff!)

I also got really back into my manga collecting as well, so thats been taking a bit of money...! But I love it!

I'm super super SUPER excited to share some things with you soon when a certain package arrives!!!! It's making its way to me now and I will definitely be writing a post about it so stay tuned!!

So website updates...I've been progressing!! I've...

+ Updated Salamence page greatly, with images, info & titles

+ Added all amada stickers to each Pokemon page I have

+ Revamped Fennekin Line pages with new images.

+ Finally retook old images //replaced them with new ones for Latis, Lugia & Weavile...more still needs doing but I'm getting there!

+ Added most items I've got within these 8 months.

It's hard to take photos, especially in Winter as everything can get dark...quick!! But I'm trying my best ^^!

Please, take a look! https://soital.weebly.com/

I'd be happy to see your sites too! I want to work on Skarmory next!


+ Lotto Lugia 2006 Bandai Plush
+ Hitachi Pokemon Heroes Latias & Latios Banner
+ My 151 Ninetales Shipping Box
+ Promotional 2000 Lugia Blow Up



+ PC Latias & Latios Bag
+ Latios & Latias Standees
+ Movie 2002 Latias & Latios Shirt
+ Pokedoll Latias & Latios Booklet
+ Weavile Coin Purse
+ ALL Weavile Colour Erasers (Except Yellow)
+ Weavile Cartridge
+ Fake TOMY Clear Ninetales figure
+ Ninetales settei/cels.


* Italic are ones...I may have bought but not yet have! ;)

Find more wanted items here: https://soital.weebly.com/wants.html and https://xxlatiosxx.livejournal.com/4134.html Side collections here;  https://xxlatiosxx.livejournal.com/12756.html

Thank you for reading, or looking at the images and...enjoy your Pokemon collecting! I love to chat to people so please always feel free to leave a comment! I'm active on discord too! x3

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