gengareric (gengareric) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Reintroduction/ Collection update, Grail get and sales

I haven't been on for the last few years so many of you may not remember me but I am a dragonite collector and I am back because I had a great oppertonity to get not one but two of my holy grails I have been searching for years for in a trade from nosfurrettu for my Pokemon Catch Pidgey plush that I bought years ago while searching for the Pokemon Catch Dragonite.

These two little guys a Bell Plush Dragonite and Pokemon Catch Dragonite

I haven't been actively collecting much these past few years but it has grown a bit and I wanted to share it with any new dragonite collectors out there

Ignore the rug it is sort fused to the floor, and the chest is just there due to spring cleaning...

Now to the nites

Sorry that some of the pictures in my sales post have photobucket watermarks on them I haven't had a chance to move them yet

Tags: collection update, dragonite, plush, sales

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