kurokotetsuya (kurokotetsuya) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Black & White Collection Weeding

Hello everyone!

I've decided to par down on the amount of Black/White series merchandise I have, so please feel free to have a look if you might be interested ^^ Featuring game guides, manga, and the Pikachu Ghetsis Boss Plush!

Thanks for looking :)

My Sales Policy:
All Pkmncollectors Community Rules apply.
Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 9-19-2014.
My feedback is available here (none currently at this time under the new feedback system).

General Guidelines:
All items listed come from a smoke-free/pet-free home.
Commitments take precedence over quotes.
Payment is required within 24 hours of committing to an item; please let me know if you need more time.
If you would like additional pictures of an item, please just tell me and I'll provide them as soon as possible ^^
If you feel that I've listed an item too high, please (kindly) let me know :)

I ship from AR, USA.
I DO NOT currently ship worldwide.
PayPal is the only accepted form of payment.
Prices are in US dollars.
Please include your LJ username and what you purchased when sending payment.
I will ship your item within two days (unless it's over a weekend) after I receive your payment.
Depending on the size of the item, I will generally ship items in a bubble mailer or a cardboard box. If you would prefer one or the other, please specify in your comment.
I am not responsible for lost or damaged items once they leave my hands, but tracking is included by default.
Any and all paper tags will be protected.

Full set of Pokemon Black & White + Black & White 2 game guides
All have cosmetic flaws due to age, but all the pages are intact and there are no major stains or ripped pages. They also all still include their posters - the Pokemon Black & White Pokedex Volume 1 includes the poster, but it is loose
I would prefer to sell these as a set
They will likely be mailed via media mail, since they will be quite heavy, so please be aware shipping may take longer

$47 (price includes shipping and fees!) SOLD

Pokemon Black & White manga, volumes 1, 2, & 3 - cosmetic flaws, and Volume 1 has a ripped page in the back - $16 (price includes shipping and fees!) SOLD

Pokemon Boss Costume Collection: Team Plasma Ghetsis Costume Pikachu Poké Plush - 8 ¾ Inches - Brand new, purchased by me personally from the US Pokemon Center - $63 (price includes shipping and fees!)

Touko/Hilda + Oshawott wooden charm - free with purchase! CLAIMED

I am open to offers on all items! :)

I currently only ship within the US. Thanks!

Tags: pikachu

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