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Sales Post — April 2021

Hello again! I've come with more sales — this time collection weeding!

I have my normal items up for grabs with some price reductions, and Pumpkaboo, Dedenne, and Plusle/Minun lots up for grabs! Take a look!

Sales Policies under the cut:

1. I ship from the UK, so please be advised that shipping rates will be a tad higher than if I were in the US. For anything except flats, the rate will start at £4.50 (obviously more for plush) and creep up the more you buy. I am happy to give you a quote, however!

2. Prices are in GBP — use a currency convertor to estimate what the total will be in your currency.

3. I don't take PM offers on anything.

4. Asking for a quote before committing is fine (be specific when asking!).

5. I will take care of requests in order, regardless of commitment or questions. HOWEVER, in the case of questions/quotes, if you do not respond to me within 48 hours after I have given the quote or answered the question I will sell to the next person in line. 

6. No holds this time, I'm sorry!

7. I will accept haggling within reason, but understand that I do need to pay shipping and it is somewhat expensive! So please haggle on prices BEFORE shipping, don't haggle with shipping prices included in whatever price you offer.

8. I do send out invoices, so I'll ask for your e-mail when you are ready to pay so I can send it to you! You can either comment with it or PM it to me.

Feedback Link: https://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/24308490.html?thread=708953866#t708953866

I was granted sales permission for pkmncollectors by lineaalba in 2008!

General Sales:

Weeding Lots:

Thanks again guys, and I hope those of you that celebrate have a Happy Easter Weekend — if you don't, well a happy weekend to you too!


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