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More sales

Hi all, since there was no taker for some of my lots from my last post I am separating them, and I have also added some other plushes :D

Sales rules are here.

I am open to reasonable haggling :)

I ship from Hong Kong and will ship internationally, please expect shipping from $6-$8 for single plush depending on where you live. All price are in USD and does not include paypal fees.
Payment plans are okay. Let me know your country and I can give you a quote. Plushes are used and condition varies, please click original for 4000 x 3000px photos, and if you need extra photos on certain items (especially hang tags), please let me know.



Please check photos of indivudual plushes on this album.

IMG_20210406_133325 IMG_20210406_133346
Cherrim pokedoll (JP, creased tag): $35
Budew pokedoll (TTO): $70

IMG_20210406_133402 IMG_20210406_133427
Togekiss pokedoll (JP, creased tag): $80
Togepi pokedoll (JP, damaged tag, a bit sunfaded): $70

Shaymin mini pokedoll: $10
Shaymin pokedoll, (JP, damaged tag, a bit sunfaded): $20

IMG_20210406_132756 IMG_20210406_132056
Dragonair PC posable plush (creased tag): $15
Patchwork bulbasaur plush (a bit sunfaded): $30

Cosmog PC plush: $12

IMG_20210406_133005 IMG_20210406_133131
Christmas Chespin (TTO): $12
Little tales pikachu pair (damaged tag): $18

Woobat mascot: $5
Custom minky frogadier (aboug 3 inches): $8

From top to bottom, left to right (if you are unsure which one I am refering to, let me know)
PC turtwig (TTO): $12
Oversized Turtwig pokedoll (TTO): $20
Christmas Turtwig pokedoll (TTO): $300
DX Turtwig pokedoll - sold
Laying tomy (I think it may be a bootie): $5
Walky: sold
Regular JP pokedoll: $20
Mini pokedoll: sold
Amigurumi pokedoll: sold
Shimmery tomy (TTO0 : $12
Canvas (old version, loved, TTO): $10
Canvas (new version): sold
Turtwig Pokedoll zipper pouch: $40
Custom small amigurumi plush: $3
Turtwig Pokedoll mechanical pencil: $40
Turtwig Pokedoll lanyard: $40
Check Album for individual photos

(From left to right)
Custom by d215lab: Sold
Custom felt caterpie with flower: $10
Official taffeta caterpie (TTO): $10
Check Album for individual photos

Top row left to right:
Custom sewaddle by d215lab (has beanies in it): $60
Felt sewaddle with flower: $10
custom swadloon by herar: $10
Bottom row left to right:
Custom amigurumi sewaddle: $5
Sewaddle MPC (original version): $12
Sewaddle MPC (encore version): $12
Custom felt swadloon felt: $6
Swadloon MPC: $12

Or whole lot for $100
Check Album for individual photos

Thanks again!
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