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Completed sets! Movie merch! And the biggest item in my collection! - another gets post

Hiya all!

Time to share some new gets I got since my last post! Also, under second cut you'll find a special item I planned to share with you since long ago, hehe. Both cuts are photo heavy and text heavy! Please enjoy!

Let's start with a "omg finally!" get: Banpresto 2000 Raikou plush! If you start looking for these plushes, you'll notice that while Entei and Suicune are still common to find with tags, Raikou is extremely rare. I've seen only three of them for sale. The one I got is no. 3. He has damaged faceplate with one of the round pieces missing, but still has original tag, and most of the faceplate's vinyl. Also he arrived in a set with Entei who had his whiskers undamaged (these plushes are often missing the second layer of felt on their whiskers). I'm rather happy with that Raikou and I won't be searching for a replacement (...unless I find a really good deal XD).

Another Raikou plush completing the set! Korotto Manmaru Raikou - the most commonly bootlegged Beast Trio plushes. After carefully examining him I can say he's original. I searched for years for this plush with a tag. He arrived with an extra Suicune (who will be for sale) and Unown (which I decided to keep).

I'm so happy that I was able to complete two sets of plushes after so many years. They look so great together! :D

Let's move from the soft and cuddly Beasts to the figures section!

Clipping figures! Common to find, but I wanted to get them with the boxes and cards. Yes, I love making my collector's life harder. They are really pretty and I love their poses.

And now a special get! A Grail that I got before it evolved into a Grail - Entei AG KeshiPoke! It was listed in a lot of random figures on Mercari for super cheap. One of the rarest Beast Trio figures in a random lot, wow. Now I have Entei and Suicune and missing only Raikou.

It will be Entei figure at some point, haha. I'm keeping it unassembled just in case I find unassembled Raikou and Suicune (they appear from time to time, but I'm to slow to get them, ehh).

Another "make life harder" get - Waza Collection with stickers. I got a whole set that included Lucario, Groudon, Jirachi, Muk, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee and Snorlax. I love their unique poses - Raikou that looks like a hissing cat, fluffy Entei's mane, and Suicune moving its ribbons.

Clear Suicune kid figure - it was released this year, in commemoration of Suicune's appearance in Pokemon anime (I loved that episode, btw). It's great that after more than 10 years a second Beast is getting a Kid figure, but I'm a little disappointed that they decided to reuse the old mold. To the point that the figure has "2009" pressed on the side. Don't let that Suicune fool you, there was no clear Suicune in 2009!

Now, enough with the figures. We're going to the cinema! Please sit comfortably and don't forget to bring the popcorn with you!

...yes, I just had to do that. Put one last portion of popcorn inside "Celebi: a timeless encounter" popcorn bucked before displaying it in my collection.
I want to thank so much xxlatiosxx for pointing out to me the set of bucket and cup on Mercari. I bought it immediately. The Suicune art is absolutely gorgeous, and this item was one of my highest wants among the merchandise from the fourth movie. Unfortunately, the seller wrapped it in a single sheet of paper... And middleman shipped it packed loosely in a paper bag, so it arrived shattered to pieces... I was so mad and disappointed! I was feeling guilty that a piece of Pokemon history got damaged... The middleman was always using boxes, I had no idea that they switched to bags (unless you request them for protective packaging), and I had no control over the packaging the seller used. Still I was blaming myself...
Thankfully, some time after, another person was selling their popcorn bucket. This seller even had in a description that the item will be protected with bubblewrap. Just to be extra sure I ordered a protective packaging, and the bucket arrived safely. Phew!

I also got a bunch of items from the third movie. I'm super happy that I got the erasers. They can be hard to track down, and often are expensive (like Latios/Latias or Absol sets...) I couldn't believe my luck when I found MIP erasers with Entei. It's so small! I'm often surprised how the items are smaller I expected, but this erasers set is just miniature.

It's about the size of a single eraser from Suicune movie!

From the same seller as the erasers above - wrist coin purse. I was expecting to have a competition, but I've won both items for a starting price. Yaay! The rectangular vinyl pouch can be slipped on one of the three wristbands with velcro. This item is surprisingly big; the packaging was damaged, so I was able to take out one band and it fits on my wrist XD It's the coolest purse ever, but it stays in my collection unused.

Entei movie keyholder. It's basically a TOMY figure with a keychain. I wanted to buy it so many times, but I decided to wait for a MIP one. Finally!

Third movie magnets. A story in two photos.

The auction photo showed that some of the magnets have fallen out of their places:

"Not too bad" I thought "I can carefully push them back when the sheet arrives". Ohh, how naive I was!

When the sheet arrived, it was so much worse:

It took me around two hours to sort the Unown and push them back on their places without opening or damaging the original foil. This type of items either needs to be attached forever to a metal plate, or secured carefully to some thick cardboard.

Netz stickers. Thank you so much xxlatiosxx for pointing them out to me! I had no idea they existed. I think these stickers were released during the third movie roadshow in Japan.

Tohato snacks and sticker. Thank so much hebilea for doing claims! They were absolutely delicious XD I ate one pack on my special snack day, and the remaining two on my birthday. Special sweets require special occasions!

Speaking of Beast trio sweets - this Poke Park tin still has its original candy inside; 14 years after the expiration date... I'm too afraid to open it XDD

Thankfully this Meiji choco snack tin has no candy inside. There were two designs of the tin, and I'm currently in search for the second one. I've seen it listed a few times, but it's usually scratched or damaged...

Pencil caps from haepbrosonearth! School supplies can be hard to track down, and older MIP items are very rare, because they aren't bought as collectibles. I had this set in my wants list for years, and I'm glad to finally add it to my collection.

Shikishi art board. I just love their designs and artworks.

And I love the art on these card sleeves. It's absolutely beautiful. Aurora Pokemon proudly posing in front of an aurora. I want this art as a fullsize poster.

Pokebox omamori charm. I mainly know Pokebox from their Eeveelution themed merchandise, so I was pleasantly surprised to find they made Raikou!

And please enjoy my very special get I was promising to share with you since last year!

Maybe you remember the Pokemon themed haori I shared here years ago.
So when a mint one with tags appeared for sale I jumped at that offer immediately, sending to my middleman a request "I don't care how much is the shipping or what size it is I NEED THAT" (maybe with a little bit calmer wording...). The middleman was super fast and bought it for me.

Please enjoy photos of a clothing set that weighted almost 5 kilograms to ship, and sits in a box that's so big I need to keep it under my bed, because it won't fit inside any cabinet in my house...

The clothing set: haori, kimono and juban.

Close up of a tag:

Hakama pants with Entei and Pikachu appliques! I wanted so much to find it on its own, I didn't know it was supposed to be a set!

Other items don't have any Pokemon themed decorations on them, but judging from the packaging and overall "mintness" of the set I assume they were originally included with the Pokemon pieces. For documentation sake I decided to include their photos too.

From the top, clockwise: men's obi sash, leather-soled geta sandals, omamori pouch with uhh.. apparently a dagger. (I don't want to open it, since I won't be able to wrap it back, but according to the pamphlet and google images it is a small knife. The item is heavy and gives a "feel" of something metal being inside. I'm glad I didn't know about it when I was buying the set (and I'm glad that the customs office didn't know about it either...).

Close up of the items inside the envelopes: haori string and sensu fan.

The set didn't have tabi (split-toe socks) included, but I've never seen a set with tabi included for sale, and every rental service that offers traditional clothing gives out the tabi as present for hygienic reasons, so my theory is that these sets were never meant to include socks.

The set was supposedly made by a company called Yagi. Its name is printed on the tags. I wasn't able to confirm the year, but I contacted the company, and I hope they'll be able to confim some info on this item.

This is how the whole set was supposed to look like when worn:

And here's Rakuten page with other versions of traditional clothing supposedly from the same series

That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed my post :) Thank you very much for reading. :)
For my next post I plan a very very special collection update! See you soon!
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  • Ultimate Grail Get!! ^w^

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