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Giant Dragapult and other gets!

He's finally here 💙 The 100cm Dragapult plush! I pre-ordered him back in December when it was originally announced and was holding off of shipping a ton of stuff so that shipping would be cheaper so everything arrived all at once! Was well worth the wait tho cause shipping averaged $14/item and that includes the big guy himself.

I'll do two cuts, one for Dragapult himself which includes a link to my video review and one for the others :)

Dragapult really is an amazing plush, it's 100cm (1 metre) and is super high quality. I think it's the best of the 4 Dragapult plushies that has released so far just considering the sheer amount of detail and accuracy. The little Dreepy are removable but come held on my plastic tabs.

I also did a video review of this guy to show him upclose and in more detail on my YouTube: https://youtu.be/-jWwsHcVKio

Onto the other gets!

I'll start with Pokémon Center goodies

The Nickit standard plush is super cute. I had been waiting for a plush of this Pokémon since it was revealed. I really hope they make a Theivul to go with it.

Next up we've got Perrserker! I actually love this Pokémon so much. Him and Galarian Meowth really grey on me and I think the Perrserker standard plush is actually one of the nicest quality wise to release from Gen 8. It's so soft!

Next up we got BALL FREAK merch! Moon Ball is my favourite Poké Ball and I had considered getting the bootleg of it for some time cause there was no official merch but then BALL FREAK happened and I was so pleased that Moon Ball was prominently featured along with Umbreon which couldn't be more fitting as it is the Moonlight Pokémon!

I also got the clear file because it's got an amazing holographic effect on it that reminds me of old school Pokémon card holos! Click the images to see them as gifs and see that awesome holo in action!

Next up are the four Galar Fossil Pokédolls! At first I wasn't super fond of these guys but they grew on me and now they're some of my favourite fossils. I still wish we got to see their "true forms" but I adore how silly these guys are.

That's all for Pokémon Center, moving on to the Sanei Boueki Allstar plushies.

Finally I have the SBA Low Key Toxtricity to go with my SBA Amped Toxtricity! I think Low Key is probably my favourite but Amped kept getting all the merch x'D so when this guy finally released I was happy to have him. I love how high quality the SBA Toxtricities are.

And finally, another Pokémon I was eagerly awaiting a plush if, Galarian Rappidash! He's so pretty 🥺 I was surprised Galarian Ponyta had gotten so much plush merch while Galarian Rappidash hadn't. With this one being  SBA it's extremely high quality and just gorgeous. 10/10 would recommend.

That's all!

Thanks for checking out my post!
I post daily on my collection Instagram so if you're looking for more Pokémon check it out :> I'm always happy to meet new collectors.
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