magicalcattime (magicalcattime) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Secret Summer Card Surprise


I just got my summer card in and I'm super happy at what I recived!

My card is from cmykario.

This is what my package contained:

There's so much fun stuff!

Here is some closer up images:

Here is a lovely water color of alolan vulpix and ninetales. I love it so much! I need to find a frame for it so I can hang it next to my alolan vulpix collection.

Here are the TCG cards that were included. A lot of my favorite pokemon are here! There's even a japanese card in here. Super nice little extras. :)

Some more fun stuff! Some candy, stickers and figures! I wasn't expecting all of these little goodies! I can't wait to try the candy! The stickers are super cute and the figures are a nice touch to my collection!

Thank you so much! I absolutly adore everything included. I had a blast with this card exchange and hope to participate in other ones in the future.

Tags: alola form, collection, espeon, lucario, lugia, ninetales, shinx, stickers, tcg, vulpix

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