angrygroudon (angrygroudon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Questions for Pokémon center Japan shipping and middleman on Facebook

Hi All

I just have some questions about the shipping times for ordering of Pokémon center Japan website for Japan and a middleman in Japan. I’m normally wondering how long it will take for the Pokémon Center Japan website to ship and deliver items to people in Japan, especially after COVID has happened? Long story short why I am asking this, I bought some items from the site by using a middleman I found on a Pokémon plush community site on Facebook. The middleman made the purchase.

This middleman told me it used to take a week for deliveries but it takes longer now. I don’t doubt this at all, however I have not heard from the seller. Asked some questions (like what days post arrives in Japan and seeing if I can use DHL shipping), no response. I’ve asked for a receipt to prove the items were purchased (however, I do feel bad for asking). I don’t want to reveal the persons name for privacy reasons, and I am not sure if I can reply in the comments with the persons name, but any help would be very appreciated.

Sorry if my wording doesn’t make sense here.

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