johto_pub_radio (johto_pub_radio) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Old Man Member Stops in to Say Hello

I think the last post I made here was in 2014 which is a little staggering to think about. If any of y'all remember me, hello! I'm not dead!

Was browsing around on an auction site looking for something completely unrelated when suddenly Pookichu:

Mirage? Maybe? ??? No photos of the back to look for any tag information. Auction location is in the same town as a military base, so no telling where it originally came from. The only other Pikachu I can think of with flipper feet is the one areica96 has on her collection page. If you know better than I do, please weigh in.

Either way I love his horribly off-model eyes to nose ratio. Appreciate that face with me.

Update Post: Here
Tags: mirage plush, pikachu

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