grecia | Margo (ietne) wrote in pkmncollectors,
grecia | Margo

Secret Summer Card Swap get!

Yaaay! It arrived!

My card was from yumifun! Thank you so much!

Seriously, thank you so, so much <3 Receiving this card put a really big smile on my face.
And the stickers are so pretty <3 So glittery!

Look at this happy Quag with bubbletea! He's so cute <3 Also, my gifter had no way of knowing this, but bubbletea is actually my favourite summer drink :D And the art made me want to get grab some XD

And not only the Quagsire was handmade! The other side was decorated too:

Both the card and the letter bring me so much joy. So much work was put into it <3 I'm glad you had fun creating the card <3 Please have a great summer too!

(Also a small reminder that my sales are open! Click the banner to go, and please read the rules about shipping first.)

(Sales Permission granted on 26/05/16 by areica96)

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