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Secret Card Swap arrival + Recent gets + Small collection update!

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've posted but I hope you're all doing well! My Secret Card Swap arrived the other day, and I'm super excited to show you!

First off, I love the card, such cute jellybeans! Let's open everything up...

Oh my goodness, I got incredibly spoiled! ;A; <3 Thank you very very much schenzi, I absolutely love all of the goodies, you really brightened my day! <3 I love your drawing, especially how you drew Chinchou - she looks so pure and happy ;u; And the soft charm is so extremely cute, he really melted my heart <3 I've gotta find spots for everything now!! I definitely wasn't expecting to get so much but I'm very grateful! <3

Also a big thank you to nysaurus for organising the swap! It was so fun to do one again, hopefully we can do another one soon!

What a great surprise!! So I've been meaning to do a gets/collection post for ages (and have put this particular one off for a month or two haha) so why not do it now that I'm posting anyway! c:

Just a warning, tonnes of photos under the cut!

My new babies! I always feel kind of bad when I order from WakuWakuMono, I always end up adding a bunch of extra stuff before shipping haha.. Anyways, onto some close ups! Let's start with the new Hoenn fits!

Starting off with Mudkip and Marshtomp! They're so dang cute. This is actually my first Mudkip plush even though it's my favourite starter of Gen 3. I couldn't resist getting Marshtomp even though I knew she probably wouldn't be able to sit right with her tail, which she can't haha, but it's okay, she's got that derpy charm about her. <3

Milotic and Altaria! Altaria is super fluffy and soft, I love her sweet face! Not gonna lie though, I'm kinda disappointed in Milotic.. just not my favourite. And the tush tag placement really bothers me u_u Why did they decide to put it there?? Oh well. Not every plush can be a 100% winner!

Shuppet and Sableye! Just a couple of ghost pals hanging out. Shuppet isn't really one of my top favourites but I couldn't resist, such a perfect design for a plush <3 I find that most of Sableye's plush look very similar but I couldn't help myself, I needed him in my fit collection!

And finally... Breloom!! He was the one I was most excited to get and he really didn't disappoint! They did a great job on him, he's perfect <3

Here they all are with my other fits! It's a shame they can't fit on the same shelf but once Sinnoh fits come.... We'll be okay. c; Also I used different raisers for this shelf and I need to change them, too much space!! I think there's a few more fits I'd like to get, I couldn't decide on whether I should get Spoink or Grumpig or both.. So I might get them later too hehe! Alright, onto the other plushies!

They finally made a Ribombee plush!!! Finally ahhh!! Thank you Amaikaori line haha! It's not my first Ribombee but having an official one is amazing! She's so tiny ;u; I do have a problem with mine though... Her wings are sewn on super crooked. ;A;

Did anyone else get this plush and have the same problem? I'm really interested to know, they're definitely not sewn on this way in the promo images! It is a bit disappointing but she's still cute so it doesn't matter all that much. I think this just means I'll have to get a second one for... science. c;

I also got the sticky notes and scrunchie from the same line <3

I couldn't resist the Hatterene PC plush! She is so tall!! Her arm is poseable, but because her body isn't weighted at all you need to pose it to brace her (which is actually really hard haha). I mean it wasn't really hard to forsee this issue so it's not really a problem at all, just a note in case you were thinking about taking her home! She's really lovely though!

I found the perfect place for her on my shelves, as you walk in the door to my collection room you are instantly judged... "Peasants."

The Dramatic Collection kuji Galarian Ponyta! I kind of got her on a whim but I'm glad I did, she's so fluffy!

The only thing that's kinda strange about her is the choice the makers made with the lines of stitching on her forelock. Feels like a bit of an odd choice to me but it's only super noticeable from the front so it's okay haha! I feel like I'm complaining about most of my plush in this update but I swear I love all of them >o>

And last get from this package! Um so they put Helioptile on a melanine cup and I LOVE melanine cups so I had to get it. Then there was a bunch of cute pokes on the purple cup too! If anyone has a bunch of melanine cups and/or plates for sale let me know, I love them! <3

Okay so I've got one last get from the past little while!

I mentioned them in my last post but my dolls from Kittipilla arrived! Helioptile of course but her own grumpy Mush Kitty and my alien OC Ayu! She's an amazing creator, please go check her out if you haven't already! She puts such care into her work and she's super nice <3

He's such a chubby little sausage I love him haha! And she strayed away from her usual button eyes (and more recently her resin/plastic eyes) and went with super sparkly fabric eyes <3 (Wow I said eyes way too many times in that sentence.)

Bonus pic of Ayu with the previous Helioptile Kittipilla made for me <3

And finally a few quick pics of my collection room after a reshuffle! Plus a little bonus haha c:

And finally finally finally, I got a new tattoo at the start of the year! Not super great photos of the tattoo itself but now I can look at my boy every day wherever I am <3 These photos are kind of old now but I couldn't be bothered taking new ones for this post ahaha

The tattoo artist is allireallydoistattoo! She did a great job <3

Okay I think that's it! Thanks for looking, I hope you all have a great day/night+week+month+year! <3 <3 <3 Thanks again to schenzi for the amazing card and goodies! I really appreciate it! <3
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