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Big gets post and annual collection update!

Hello community ^^

Another year has passed and it's once again time for my annual collection update! But first I'll share some recent gets with you! Take out your popcorn, this will be picture heavy!

[Enter the lizard den!]

First up some miscellaneous stuff. A Treecko pillow and some figures.

A glowing Poké ball with Sceptile in it. It's so pretty!

Also obtained a grail of mine: Grovyle PMD poster! I was after it for a good while and managed to get one in good condition.

Sceptile SHODO figure. I was positively surprised how good it looks in person!

Good apple boy! I've seen so many people having it and I couldn't resist anymore. He's so cute <3

Very anticipated figures, the new Scale World Bandais. Seriously, these exceeded all my expectations! The quality is amazing!

Another highly anticipated set! You remember these :D I commissioned some custom sculptures earlier and they finally arrived safe and sound! The artist made such an incredible work!
Okay, that concludes the gets section. Now, onto the updated collection! This isn't 100% everything because photographing them all would take ... long :D

Here's an overview.

Plushies, plushies and more plushies! My current Treecko line plush count is:
Treecko: 77, Grovyle: 3, Sceptile (megas included): 15. That makes a total of 95. Not far from 100!

Figures, lots of figures! Current Treecko line figure count: Treecko: 72, Grovyle: 34, Sceptile (megas included): 61. That makes 167 in total!

Greninja side collection! And a trainer size Froakie!

My life size buddies <3

Pin board.

"Happy" water type family :D

Various flats etc.

Whew! I guess that's about it ^^ As I said earlier, this wasn't 100% everything! If there's anything you would've wanted to see, hit me in the comments! Also, this year's greatest highlight is yet to come! Yes, I'm talking about the life size Grovyle plush I commissioned earlier. My dream of having life size Sceptile family is almost reality! Thank you for reading and see you next time ^^
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