lostlatios (lostlatios) wrote in pkmncollectors,

21 days of Pokemon Fit Posting

I just finished doing Daily Pokémon Fit / Sitting Cuties Posting on my Instagram :) Today was the last day and I documented all 40 species (plus 5 extra Latios lol). Each post over on my Instagram has Pokémon facts and lore for each individual Pokémon so if that's something you're interested in you can check it out by clicking here

But I did take a group pic with all of them on my desk I wanted to share ^-^ Under the cut will be a photo of the thumbnails of each Fit I featured.

I really had a lot of fun posting these guys and learned a lot about each individual Pokémon while writing up the factoids for each. I think out of all of them Metagross was the scariest xD but I was surprised to find out some pretty crazy stuff. Whoever wrote the Sun&Moon era dex entries really went ham on the brutal stuff ^^;

Also Bonus Monpoké Smeargle at the end :P

Thanks for looking!
Tags: collection, pokemon center

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