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Free shipping! - All sort of laser engraving commissions - charms / standees / magnets / coasters

Hello comm! It's been a long time but I am opening commissions on my wooden charms / standees, this time I would like to offer coasters and magnets as well :D

Free international airmail shipping!
Though please note that due to Covid, there may be postage suspension to some countries, so please let me know your country to make sure I am able to ship to you ^^; At the moment I am also not shipping to EU countries due to the confusing changes sorry!


Commissions info!

Please read my general sales rule here, with my shipping info and such!

Price guide, these are rough guidelines and depend on complication.

Unless otherwise requested, they will be around 4~6cm on the longer side (depending on the shape), please stat if you want them bigger (or smaller or a specific size). I also have now have plywood of 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4mm, so if you have specific request just let me know!

Please note that due to the nature of laser cutting, burn marks are unavoidable but I will try to keep them to minimum and I also sand them.

Charms / Standees/ magnets:
Flat 1-side: $12-$18, additional piece of the same design for $4 each
They will be made up of one piece of 3mm plywood and engraved on one side only

Flat 2-sided : $15-$22, additional piece of the same design for $6 each
They will be made up of one piece of 3mm plywood and one piece of 2mm plywood and will show front and back of the pokemon
P1100754 (Large)
P1100755 (Large)

Magnets: $13-$19
Magnets are similar to 1-sided charms, except there is an additional layer at the back with ~25mm magnet embedded.

2.5D : $22-$40, additional of the same design will be half the commissioned price each
(e.g. If I quoted you $26 for a 2.5D charm/ standee, you can pay $13 for one more)
They will be made up of mainly a mix of 2mm and 3mm plywood. The back piece will usually be made of fewer pieces are it will be used to hold things in place. Price for these varies a lot since it gets complicated when lots of cut pieces are involved.

**For standees the pricing is around $2~$5 on top of charms depending on the number and details of the base/ pieces you want. I can also make single-sided 2.5
You can order multiple pokemons on the same base or exchangable bases / pieces.

Coaster: $12-$18, additional piece of the same design for $5 each
Coasters are engraved on cork, approximately 10cm in diameter and 3mm thickness. Unfortunately, I cannot find a suitable sealant in my local craft / grocery / hardware stores, I am currently sealing these in acrylic sealant, so these will be more of decorational purpose than practical use. I can leave these unsealed if you have something more suitable yourself.

These are drawn in a TCG coin style (Some more example of rough sketchs: latios, mightyena, dragapult, rockruff) - but if you have other preference let me know too.

I can also do boxes (display boxes etc.) or other things and in other materials like acrylic, leather, MDF, cardstock. Just let me know if you have anything you would like.

More photos can be found on my laser cutting album and the more recent part of my custom album.

Payment and work flow:
Payment 1 (To be paid before I start working):  Full commission charge unless otherwise agreed, + pp fees
Payment 2 (After completion): Postage / packaging + pp fees (free unless you would like to add extra for tracked / registered mail)

You are happy with the quote and sent Payment 1
-> I will show you the sketch, and if you are happy with it I will proceed to drawing the vector file
-> I will show you the vector file, minor changes can be made
-> Laser Cutting and assembling
-> Photo of the finished product is shown and Payment 2 total will be given
-> I will pack up and ship within 1~2 weeks

Let me know your country if you want a postage estimation. I ship from Hong Kong, shipping for a single charm/ standee starts at around $2.3 to for most country (untracked) and around $6-8 with tracking.


Estimated finish time: Late July - early August

2.5D Slots: (Up to 2 pokemon per slot)

Flat Slots: (One person per slot, no limit on number of pokemon per slot)
1. elcardenal12
2. nerucake

Thanks as always!
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