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2021 Custom Art Commissions

Hello all! I'm open for annual commissions once again!

I am opening up (5) commission slots (of any type) specifically for PKMNCollectors to be ready by September-November Estimated completion time is 2-4 weeks (if I have fabric readily available/complexity) or 6ish weeks if I have to order specific fabric. I may be willing to do an art trade, depending complexity and material availability. Payment plans are accepted.

Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:
Slot 5:

Sales permission: Denkimouse 2009

DeviantArt here
Etsy here
Feedback HERE and HERE

ATTENTION: I make plush in a cat AND dog friendly home. Please make me aware of any allergies and I will do my best to keep your plush away from their curious paws.. Otherwise, our home is smokefree!

I ship from Orlando, FL, USA. I generally ship on Friday afternoons.
I accept PayPal ONLY. I also accept payment plans.
Plush should take 4+ weeks to make, upon final payment and depending on size and complexity, and material availability.

Upgrades I am able to complete are:
+$8 wire armature
+$25 fancy embroidery for spots/eyes/wings
+$ 10 for "printed" iron-on fabric eyes/spots
+ $5 weighted "polymer beans" for the feet
+$12 for custom clay-sculpted wing w/painted details
+$15 for real feather/wings and painted details
+$5 clay claws/teeth/horns
+$25 for rotating jointed limbs

Bellplush, Catnip Toys or Dog Toys, Costumes (Measures 4-8 inches) Starting at $10+ for cat toys, $25+ bell plush

Chibi Plush (Measures 8-10 inches, Poke.doll-ish height) Starting at $50+
I use minky , fleece, and felt fabric. Comment below to ask questions!





Midi Plush (Measures 1ft+) Starting at $75+
Minky, fleece, felt, etc. Comment below with any questions!

Large Plush/Pillow Plush (Measures 2-5ft) Starting at $110+
I use minky fabric, as a general rule I can embroider details, use iron-on decals, or paint details on. I will make accessories (scarves, earrings, bags, outfits) for your plush as well. Comment below to ask questions!

                                                                                          ^^^These Gyarados Plush were 5ft long^^^


Clay Sculpts w/ Magnet or Cell Strap Starting at $7+ shipped

Thanks for looking!

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