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Chatot Box!

Back with another chatot gets box to share!

What's inside? :D

Here's everything out of the box! Buyee have started using these green envelopes which are quite nice.

First is this movie Tomy set! I love to grab sealed stuff when I see it, and this one is in pretty good nick. 

Then there's this little movie charm! I don't know much about it, but it was up for ages so I decided to finally grab it. 

I finally grabbed the nanoblock! I couldn't find a chatot single up for sale when I had packages already going, but one turned up at a convenient time.

The blocks are so tiny! It took a little while to put together with my shaky hands lol. They give you a spare of every kind of block, which is very appreciated. I could see those tiny things getting lost!

One adorable sticker set! I love the little chatot on the swing. I'd never seen this sheet before it popped up, and I spent more than I'd like to admit on it haha. Pleased with it nonetheless!

This is a little pokedoll washcloth. The chatot pokedoll got used a lot in the early days — I'm continually surprised (and grateful) it made it into the plush stage.

Here's a movie popcorn bucket! I'm surprised how new it seems.

Last but certainly not least, I managed to pick up this copy of Pokemon Wonderland volume 8 from July 2006!! Its condition is practically pristine:

Here you can see the promo card and sticker sheets are entirely intact. 

And a couple of my favourite pages! I have a scan of the merch promo page (which has been great for tracking down exactly what I'm missing) but owning it in the flesh feels incredibly cool. There's also a cute manga short story in the back, featured and incredibly sweet version of chatot!

I'm working on getting a new shelf finished so that I can dedicate two to chatot, which means I'll have room to hang a corkboard for my flats in the back. I'm very excited to get that all finished!

That's all for now!


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