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Pokepark Taiwanese Magnets


This is not the entry I planned to post, but I got a lot of exciting items in the mail and decided to create a separate post for them.

So, I went on a hunt for the Beast Trio Taiwanese PokéPark magnet, and I found some unique items. Bought a whole lot of them hoping there would be Beast Trio one and I got lucky, yay!

The lot included over 80 magnets, and they are so pretty!

Look at these background patterns! They heavily remind me of some accessories from the 90s. These magnets are most likely not official, unfortunately. I haven’t been able to find any info on their packages/distribution method. The magnets are lacking any copyright info, and some Pokemon are clearly mismatched (like Remoraid evolving into Seaking XD). There was similar promo in Taiwan with Hello Kitty magnets being given away at 7-11 stores, but unlike PokePark version, Hello Kitty magnets have all necessary copyright info.

Some of my favourites are

Because sure Caterpie evolves into Beautifly XD

Shiny Banette?

Nothing looks better than a Pokemon called Hellgar on a candy-themed cute background <3

Majestic legendaries, majestic flowers

And this is probably my number 1 favourite from this set. I love the Pokemon choice, the poses and the background. This one definitely stays in my collection.

I also researched what Pokemon were made into these magnets and confirmed almost all of the available patterns. (I'm not sure how can I upload an excel table here lol. Or should I make it a list?)

If you want to see the rest of the magnets I bought, click HERE.

I'm sorry for making a post entirely about unofficial merchandise. Still, they’re really pretty, and I thought the Community might appreciate them.
Thanks for reading!

And now some big news: Global Express shipping to the US is back! Fully tracked shipping starts at 11$! Please come take a look at my sales:

(Sales Permission granted on 26/05/16 by areica96)

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