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Searching for Pokemon Tales Books

HI everyone!
I hope you are all doing well! I am on the hunt for the Pokemon Tales Board Books in English and Japanese. If you have any of the titles below and are willing to part with them please let me know! I've been keeping an eye on ebay, but was hoping to spend around $10 per book is I can, possibly more depending on the rarity or condition.
undefinedBoard book Pokemon Tales, Vol. 2 BookBoard book A Star for Tauros : Pokemon Tales Book

English Books
Come Out Squirtle
Psyducks Tongue Twisters

Where's Clefairy's Voice?
Fly On, Butterfree
Dragonite's Christmas
Meet Mew!
Snorlax's Snack
Jigglypuff's Magic Lullaby
Lapras Makes a Friend
Eevee's Weather Repport
Diglett's Birthday Party
First Prize for Starmie
Seel to the Rescue!
Mewtwo's Watching You!
Magnemite's Mission
Don't Laugh, Charizard!
Gengar's Shaddow
Onix Underground
Togepi's Tears
A Star for Tauros

Japanese Books
(There are a bunch of these,I've translated the Pokemon names to their english counterparts, the ones I'm currently searching for are in bold)

Slowpoke's Big Yawn
What's Meowth's Favorite Word?
That's Chansey for You!
Transforming Ditto
Let Me Borrow your Leek FarFethchd
Rhyhorn and the Planet's Navel
Where is Weedle's Father?
Ready, Set, Doduo!
Spehrical Electrode
Not Yet, Caterpie
Horsea Likes the Sea
Let's Play Again Porygon
Forgetful Pidgeotto
Lots of Poliwhirl!
Lickitung Licks Everything
Oddish's Hide and Seek
The Name's Cubone
I Want to Become Blastoise
Little Haunter
Let's Make Pizza Machop!
Vulpix and the Girl
DokiDoki Sandshrew

What is a Metapod?
Meowth's Moon Viewing Soba
Hitmonlee's Extending Legs

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