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(re)Introduction Post

Hi! This might be confusing, but I'm also korymon on this community. It's kind of a long and boring story, but pretty much what happened was that I was away from this community for a whopping 7 years, and returned a few weeks ago thinking that I went by korychi on here. That account was marked as deleted/purged when I tried to login, so I remade a new account under korymon. HOWEVER... tonight I opened up my boxed up collection that has been sealed away for the past 7 years, and found some little notes and trinkets from this community that addressed me a okgod, and behold I have my old account back because now I actually know the right username :D

I wanted to make a post while I was hyped up from seeing all my collection items again, and share some of the highlights! Pics below the cut :)

The little notes that reminded me of my username (particularly the N drawing in the top left)! This community has so much heart in it, and I think things like this really shows it :)

Some of my favorite Totodile plush, they're so small and tiny ;u; Half the reason I collect Totodile is how dorky it can look in plush form, it really shows in the one to the far right hehe. I'll have to look at my comment history to re-identify all of these lil guys, because I have no idea from memory what they're all called.

This might not be as exciting to other people, but I absolutely love these foldable N boxes <3 I actually forgot that I owned these, and tried googling for them a few weeks ago because I had a random memory come up that this product existed and wanted to see if I could find it (I couldn't). So I felt EXTREMELY excited when I opened up my sealed away collection and saw these <3 I collect TCG, and so it is wonderful to see two of my passions combined in this product since it is intended for storing TCG! Plus the art is very nice compared to other N products, which mostly use the same couple of standard N images over and over.... I'm not sure what to do with having two of them, should I open one up to actually fold it together? I'm really torn on this!

Despite this dunsparce being quite tiny, I actually worked very hard for that Pokemon Channel sticker sheet on the left that has a dunsparce on it :,) It was quite pricey to buy the whole sticker sheet, because each individual sticker was priced at around $5 but I wanted to keep the sticker sheet intact instead of having the dunsparce cut out. So I needle felted a mareep as part of a trade for this, which took many hours of labor :,) This sticker is more sentimental to me though knowing hard hard I worked for it! I also have my lovely buru buru dunsparce on the right, and I'm happy that past me had the sense to keep the tag well protected.

I was overall really REALLY happy seeing all these items after being separated from them for 7 years. But unfortunately, there were also some causalities that made me sad to see ): Most of them are harder to capture on camera, just things like flats that were poorly stored and so now they are warped or distorted instead of being truly flat. This is a more obvious example though, the totodile domino is stuck to the foam stickers and it will be impossible to remove without damaging the stickers. I hope there won't be any damage to the domino ): This is likely a bootleg sticker sheet, but it still makes me upset to damage a sheet that has dunsparce on it ): This sheet is especially sentimental to me because octillary is next to dunsparce, and octillary is coincidentally my dad's favorite pokemon.

That was a small sample of my collection, I just wanted to post the item from each sub-collection that excited me the most. I'm hoping to do a large collection update in a few weeks, once I have everything nicely displayed again!

Overall, finding my old LJ and seeing all these old items brought up a lot of bittersweet and mixed feelings. I have all these things that are very precious to me back in my possession <3 But also, seeing some of my old posts on LJ reminded me of some very stupid decisions from when I was 17 and made those posts. I had a 1st edition Fossil booster box listed for $420 (which I did sell at that time on ebay). Now, 7 years later, that same box goes for many thousands (I'm legitimately scared to look into the exact value, because it genuinely hurts to see what I lost out on). There were vintage packs I sold for $10 each, and now those same packs go for hundreds. It's amazing how much can change in 7 years. I was in highschool when I bought most of these items and had no idea what to do with my life, and now 7 years later I'm working on my PhD to become a clinical psychologist. At the same time though despite all these changes, it is very sweet and heartwarming to realize how much Pokemon has been a constant in my life. Although I haven't opened this box in 7 years, Pokemon has been giving my life a sense of continuity over my entire lifespan. Over those 7 years, I was still collecting TCG and playing the video games, just like when I was a little kiddo playing red and blue:) And a funfact: I was born in April of 1997, the same month/year that the first episode of Pokemon aired in Japan! So it really feels like Pokemon has been there for my entire life, growing together with me, both through the good times and bad times.
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