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Recent gets

Hi everyone hope you all are doing well! Ive been really into pokemon lately and getting some new merch.
I have been super excited for the new jazwares releases but was having horrible luck finding them in the wild 😓 but thankfully I saw a tip about finding some at Cracker Barrel! I kid you not, I have been searching for pokemon like pigeott and toxtricity for months at stores like walmart target and so on having no luck. But for the first month I started searching at Cracker Barrels, 3 out of 4 times going I found pokemon I had been looking everywhere for! Im very thankful and happy and HIGHLY recommend searching there for some of the harder to find jazwares. They are going to be a bit higher priced but nowhere near ebay prices. I also had been to a toy fair and happily found some older figures from the burger king line, some tomys and others. Some of the blind box figures and plushes I bought at a store that imports a lot of pokemon merchandise. Now my most favorite get and one I have wanted for awhile, the Gloria figma!
I am so so happy to have her, I have been collecting pokemon figmas from the beginning and was excited to hear gloria getting one. I had been keeping my eyes on ebay for awhile but she was very expensive and just kept waiting. I decided to check a proxy and sure enough found her at an auction at a price I was more than happy to pay. I am extremely happy with her and hope to continue collecting the rest of the pokemon figmas.

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