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2021 Sudowoodo Collection Update

At the end of May, I posted to this community for the first time asking for help growing my collection of Sudowoodo. Since then, a few folks have sold me some figures, chibi stamps, plush, and the like. Now, my collection has grown a ton, and I want to thank everyone who has helped me add to the family! I still have a long way to go, but I've even gotten a few grails. 

Pictures and my ramblings below the cut:

From left to right:

We have the Jakks Pacific Sudowoodo. Man, just a few months ago this was the only Sudowoodo in my collection! Honestly, it's probably the worst out of the bunch. The material feels cheap and the weird balls on his branches are flat. It's just a poorly made plush, but I have some fondness for it since it started my collection.

Just to the left of him is what I think is a 2006 Banpresto plush? It's a keychain plush of some kind and looks like the Banpresto Summer Festival plush that's in the same sitting position, but this one lacks the festival treat in his hands. Regardless of what he is, he's a real cutie and he never fails to put a smile on my face! With how often Sudowoodo is in the same pose, it's nice to see plush with unique proportions.

That being said, the new Sitting Cutie is Perfection. 10/10 plush. No complaints. My boy just wants a sits. Being a tree is hard work! 

This next one I've only seen a few times. On Ebay it was listed as a "Top Insight Taiwan Plush." I'm not sure if that's correct, but I love this plush a lot. He's nice and firm and I love the dead look in his eyes, like he's about lose his mind and get into a fist fight with a PTA mom. 

Last but not least is the old Pokemon Center Sudowoodo plush! When I originally acquired this plush, I mistook him for the recent one that the Pokemon Center carries, but after doing some research I found that was not the case at all. He's actually pretty uncommon and difficult to find! He's the softest out of the bunch and really nice to cuddle. His arms are kinda limp, unlike the modern PC plush, but I still love this guy a ton. I'm really glad the seller reached out to me <3

Moving further down, these are my smallest Sudowoodo figures. Nothing much to say here. Just a bunch of figures in the same, generic pose. I still love all these little dudes, but I tend to gravitate to the Sudowoodo merch that really plays with his proportions and/or posing. That being said, the chibi stamper (second from the left) is an absolute grail for me. The seller sold me one that, miraculously, still works. I spent the first day with him marking my house with his glorious visage! Seriously love this chibi stamper. I'm hoping to find the ones in other colors just so I can complete the set. 

The orange keychain on the left there is an interesting find. Apparently, this little guy was given away as a prize at several Kura Sushi restaurants in Japan. If you've never been to Kura, it's a revolving sushi bar (a darn good one.) If you eat so many plates of food, a toy drops  from one of the gashapon machines above your table. Unfortunately, this little guy was never given away in America. Hopefully going forward America will see some more Pokemon merch. 

That being said, the rubber keychain is less unique, but it's incredibly nostalgic for me. For the longest time, I would go to Hot Topic with my middle school friends and buy rubber keychains of our favorite Sonic and anime characters. I've always found them really charming, so when I found out my lad had a rubber keychain in circulation I had to buy it. 

This metal button is another Japanese exclusive that I just had to have. Apparently, this is one of several buttons based on manhole covers from  different areas of Japan. This one is modeled after the one located in Sazu City in the Tottori Prefecture. Normally, I try not to add merch to my collection if it doesn't primarily feature the subject of my collection, but this button has 3 of my favorite Pokemon, so I caved. I'm planning to also get the rubber keychain version if it ever pops up online again. 

Last but not least, we have my small-but-not-as-small-as-the-other-guys figures. Once again, you'll see I have the funky little sitting dude with the wonky proportions. I suspect he might have been released with the Pokemon Time merch since those tend to have unique designs, but I genuinely have no idea and sellers tend to be very vague and imprecise with their listings. Regardless of his true identity, this chubby little guy always makes me smile after a hard day at work. 

In regards to the Bandai Kids figures on the right, who can't not love them? They're well made, easy to store, have unique poses for their figures... These are just the best. I love both of them, but the figure in the middle is my favorite. Something about the design is very reminiscent of Mother/Earthbound. Very nostalgic and charming. 

This isn't all of my collection. I have a magnet and a few stickers, but these are all of the major pieces. Currently, I'm trying to acquire a Zukan Sudowoodo figure for a reasonable price. Every American seller I've seen has inflated the price by quite a bit, so I'll probably need to order one through Buyee. Thanks for reading my long rambling! If you have any Sudowoodo merch you're looking to get rid of that you didn't see here, I'd be happy to buy from you. 

Let me know in the comments what you guys have been collecting! 


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