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New to collecting merch, looking to ask about custom-orders.

Hi, everyone! I'm a fairly overwhelmed fella here who's never really had the opportunity to collect merchandise before for reasons I won't go into here.

Pokémon fan since Gen 1 here and once I decided I wanted to own something to really appreciate from my childhood all through to today, I just can't seem to find anything substantial of MY favourites. I understand that not everyone's favourites are going to get attention but I hope that I could at least have some hope out there for -if it really comes down to it- asking for prices on potential custom-made plushes, figures, hats, etc.

I know I'm shooting in the dark here but I'd rather try and fail than never ask and constantly wonder 'what if...?'

The ideas I have in mind that are probably the most realistic (which might not even be realistic, lol) are:

1) Fearow figure in a dynamic pose

2) Fearow headpiece (imagine a plague doctor's mask but not as a mask, instead going on TOP of one's head, and is both the elongated head and beak of Fearow)

3) Spearow plush in "the pose" of Episode One of the anime as it looks back at Ash with a swollen node on its head from the rock he hit it with.

4) (NEW) Pokémon medals/badges made by TOMY. I can't find any real information for what they're actually called but they come in shapes of star, diamond, and hexagon. Some of them are even varying colours though most of them seem to be a bronze/gold colour. I don't even know if they made one for every single Pokémon because the search results are just the same few on-repeat. If possible, I am looking for Fearow, Primeape, Victreebel, Beedrill, Nidoking, and Tauros.

5) (NEW) Kanto gym badges. I would like to make a display case with them in the main body and then use the underside of the cover to mount the metal tokens so I can open it up and show people my final team.

If anyone has ideas or the like, I welcome the input and would have to have a chat about them!

Thank you and have a great day, everyone!


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