gyakutenkibou (gyakutenkibou) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introdution post and also looking for a Zekrom plush!

Heyo! I've been lurking around for a bit in here, but i've finally joined the community. I've been a Pokemon fan since i can remember; the franchise has helped me make really great friends and a lot of fun memories so it has a special place in my heart.

I love the games, especially the gen 5 games and PMD. My favorite Pokemon are Jolteon, Lycanroc Midday and Drizzile. About merch, i LOVE plushies from anything i like, including Pokemon obviously. Right now i only have  a Drizzile plush and a little suicune pokedoll but i hope i can get more plushies soon; it's alwayas been a bit hard buying and finding plushies where i live (Mexico).

Anyways, as i said in the title, i AM currently looking for a specific plush. It's the Zekrom Boss Costume Collection plush. I don't mind if it's secondhand or new, it's just i have wanted this plush for quiiiiite a bit but im finally getting serious about it. As said i live in Mexico so buying from the PokeCenter while they still had it in stock wasn't an option. I have been lurking a bit on Mercari but it hasn't popped up/or is way above my budget. That too; my budget for this would be like 45-50 or so dollars, i know it's not much but i can't quite afford to spend more on this...Had to buy a ton of things for college so yeah.  Anyways, i know it's a bit of a shot in the dark but  yea... if anyone has this plush or knows where else i could look for this plush, absolutely tell me!! Thank you sooo much!!!

So yup, that's it. Im glad to be joining this community and i hope we get along! :D

(here's a pic of my lovely son drizzile with a koi plushie i made from felt)
Tags: plush, zekrom

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