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Plush Sales and Shiny Hasbros!

Hi Everyone!

Back to try and clean out some plush I have lying around, and trying to move on some harder to find items to some new homes, since I retired.

Rules and pics under the cut!

Sales Policy:
- Sales Permission granted by SKDarkDragon on July 8th, 2015.
- Feedback link here- http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feed​back/view/eboncharizard/
- All community rules apply.
- I will not sell to banned/non members.
- Prices are in USD
- Prices do not include shipping/ PayPal fees (I do charge 50-75 cents for materials), unless stated otherwise.
- I only accept PayPal at this time.
- First come, first served. Committing after someone asks for a quote on the same item definitely DOES NOT put you ahead of them. Sorry!
- You have 24 hours to respond to a quote after I give you one before the items move on to the next person in line- I'm sorry if this causes issues!
- I reserve the right to not sell to anyone.
- Please refrain from rudeness in the comments.
- Payment is due within 24 hours once I give you a total, and you commit.
- I ship from Michigan.
- I can ship internationally, but be warned, it will be expensive, will take longer, etc. Please inquire first, however. Due to my schedule, I may not always have the time needed to fill out customs forms.
- Shipping is via a bubble mailer when possible, or a box when not. I use recycled materials, I am an eco friendly human.
- I will ship your package as quickly as possible. I will strive to ship within a week, but I work 12 hour days at a Humane Society, and have a house full of animals, I am extremely busy.
- I will message you when your package ships.
- I am not responsible for damage/loss once a package leaves my possession.
- I come from a clean, smoke-free home. I have three cats (I keep them away from my collection), a dog, birds, and reptiles. Just be warned, fur/feather debris gets around, in case you have severe allergies. I try to send everything out lint rolled and wiped down as much as I can.

If you buyt multiple items, I will absolutely do bundle deals!

Shiny Hasbros: Zapdos-$75, Tyrogue-$45, Heracross (Headbutt doesn't work)-$50, Pikachu- $40, Spinarak- $45, Blastoise- $65, Cyndaquil (missing one missile)- $75

Rayquaza UFO (Detached Tag)- $20, Flareon Pokedoll TTO- $25, Vaporeon Pokedoll TTO- $30, Jolteon Pokedoll TTO- $25, Staraptor UFO $12 (has faded letter N on bottom), Zorua Pokedoll TTO-$15, Ditto Gengar- $20, Salamence UFO TTO- $18, Bisharp Pokedoll- $20, Porygon-Z UFO TTO-$25, Mewtwo Vintage UFO- $15, Espurr Pokedoll- $15, Nidoran UFOs- $20 each, Espeon Pokedoll TTO (has small mark in ear) $25, Umbreon Pokecen- $18

Woobat Jakks- $5, Turtwig Tomy US- $5, Leafeon JPN red tag- $35, Groudon Pokedoll TTO, very loved- $10, Dragonite UFO MWT-$20, Litten Pokecen- $15, Umbreon Kuttaris- $15 each, Oshawott Pokedoll TTO- $12, Xerneas Pokedoll- $25, Umbreon Round UFO- $15, Unfezant MPC- $15, Druddigon MPC-$15

Bulbasaur Tomy- $8, Axew Pokedoll TTO- $15, Amaura Pokedol MWT- $12, Lapras Pokedoll MWT- $27, Dragonair Pokemon Time MWT- $30, Chimchar Tomy JPN MWT(has a weird miscolored eye)- $10, Pikachu 20th Anniversary Plush $10 each, take both for $15, Christmas Fennekin TTO- $20, Mega Charizard X MWT- $20, Mantyke Pokedoll TTO-$15, Riolu Pokedoll TTO-$13, Regigigas Pokedoll TTO- $15, Keldeo Pokedoll JPN MWT- $20, Cyndaquil Tomy JPN MWT- $15, Togekiss Tomy MWT JPN- $18, Diancie Pokedoll MWT- $12, Treecko Canvas MWT- $15

Manaphy UFO (detached tag)- $15, Turtwig JPN Tomy MWT- $15, Umbreon Tomy (detached tag)- $10,
Drilbur Pokedoll MWT- $15, Foongus Pokedoll MWT- $15, Scraggy Pokedoll MWT- $15, Helioptile Pokedoll JPN MWT- $18, Celebi Pokedoll MWT- $18, Elekid Pokedoll MWT- $16, Bulbasaur UFO- $13, Darkrai Pokedoll MWT- $15, Dratini Friends (?)- $10, Blissey Friends (?)- $8, Snorlax Pokedoll TTO- $18, Victini Pokedoll MWT- $17, Pikachu Kuttari- $10

Reshiram Pokecen MWT- $35, shipping will be a bit.

Mew Banpresto- Was sold to me as a prototype/sample plush by someone whose father worked for Banpresto. $50 OBO.

Shadow Lugia Pokedoll MWT. Beautiful condition, I'm hesitant to sell her, but she deserves more than storage. $300 OBO

2006 Natu Pokedoll. MWT, great shape. S sticker in rear tag. Hesitant to sell, but again, should be displayed. $350 OBO

Thanks for looking!!!

Tags: banpresto, figures, plush, pokedolls, sales

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