drampa (drampa) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Haunted Village!

Every year, I get so excited by the pokemoncenter halloween goodies that they release >:) This year was no exception! I managed to snag the Oranguru Ancient Archives figure, but I received it today, and... well...

So much detail! It almost feels cluttered compared to last years, but I was happy to overlook it since the books flying out of the windows was such a cool idea. However, upon closer inspection... The paint job is significantly messier than last years. Last years, it felt like there was only one or two spots that looked only a biiiit off. But this year, theres something off everywhere I look! Its giving me just a bit of buyers remorse, lol, but I'm also a perfectionist so maybe I'm just fixating on the little things. Maybe I'll try fixing the paint job myself >:) If not, returning it is a likely option


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