Kari (kari_xiii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wanted list!

Finally decided to make my own wanted list. Please consider looking at it, as there's a couple of 'common' items on this list.
UPDATED: 27th January 2008

Anything Absol - In particular these items
Bell Gashapon
Absol 'Movie Only' Figure
Amada Sticker
Random Sticker
Random Card
Absol shirt w /others (Any size, I won't wear it anyway)

Anything Mew - In particular these items
Plush Bath Holder
Tomy Plush
Kit (+ Articuno)
Talking Plush (Lucario Movie ed.)
Pracoro Figure

Anything Delibird - In particular these items
Reverse plush
Kids Figure
Small Plush w/ Pichu
Clear Kids Figure
Battle Museum Figure
Christmas Decoration

Anything Kadabra (+ evos!) - In particular these items
Kadabra Keychain + Pokeball Figure
151 Pins (Need all Alakazam)
Dog Tag
European (?) Pokemon 2000 Pin (Abra & Alakazam only)
Glossy Vending Cards

Anything Cubone - In particular these items
Reversible Pokeball Plush
Applause 'Shiny' Plush
First Kids Figure
Clear Kids Figures (Original Anime & Re-Release)
Battle Stadium Figures
TokoToko Figure
Model Kit

Anything Slowking - In particular these items
Kids Figure
Clear Kids Figure
Hasbro Beanie
Tomy Plush

Anything Shinx (Kolink) - In particular these items
Amada Sticker
KeshiPoke Figure

Anything Ash - In particular these items
Friends Plush
Retro Keychain

Anything Charmeleon - In particular these items
Bell Plush
Zipper Plush
'Retro' Figure
Pracoro Figure

Anything Vulpix - In particular these items
KFC Vulpix Plush
Talking Figure

Anything of the Legendary Birds (Articuno, Zapdos & Moltres) - In particular these items
Articuno Bell Plush
Moltres Bell Plush
Zapdos Bell Plush
'Battle' Figures
Pracoro Figures

Others (lists coming soon) - Glaceon, Leafeon, Gible & co, Shieldon, Nidorina

Other Random Wants
Mankey w/ Cap Pokekid
Totodile Mascot Plush
Mewtwo Dome Figure
KFC Zubat Plush
Zubat Play-By-Play Plush
Salamence Plush
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