Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (pheonixxfoxx) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

Special Delivery!!!

I got a special package in the mail today! Boy was that fast!!

Looks as if I have a new package doodle to add to my scrap book! I love package doodles, sometimes it is not what it is in the package that makes my day, but the doodle on the outside!! Ok, that was a little bit of a lie...

Looks as if my new friend inside the package is tired of waiting for fresh air! Yes, this is my first Giratina Origin Form(e) item! I finally gave into my love of the tapeworm like ghost dragon!

Sadly this little one has a case of mistaken identity!! I hope to change this by acquiring a couple other Giratina Origin Form(e) items, but not is always an issue...

The main Giratina Origin Form(e) item I seek right now is this plush:

It is the Tomy Giratina Origin Form(e) Pokemon Center plush, sadly it is no longer available and I have not been able to locate one on either eBay or Yahoo Japan! Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Special thanks to trainer_irene for supplying the pic!
Tags: giratina, plush, wanted
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