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March Collection Update!

You know what's really awesome?


I got my Pokédoll package from Gin! Thank you Gin!! X3
They're all so adorable! Yeah, I ended up getting all three of the spring Pokédolls XD It was a matter of Togekiss was a must get, I've been wanting a random plush Cherrim for my plush collection for a while now and Ambipom was just too cute to resist, haha~ Also included is an adorable little canvas Pachirisu! I had been planning to get one eventually and since Gin was selling one a while back, I decided to get it :D He's such a little cutie!
And since I love naming plush (Though not all plush in my collection get names) Togekiss is named Domino, Cherrim is Cherrybean, Ambipom is LuLu and Pachi is Shou 8D

Also in the package was my Buneary kid~ I love the picture on the card, it's so sparkly!

And the last item from the package is this awesome Togekiss Clipping figure! Such a happy little thing it is!

I've also received a lot of other items in the past month or so, a lot of which came this week! Since last Saturday the only days I didn't get a package are Sunday (Obviously) and Thursday! I found it funny that they came one after the other! XD

These items were from pacificpikachu from her "already won" group auction! The Togepi UFO is SO CUTE, seriously, it's such a chubby soft ball of adorable XD I also got a Togepi Friends plush and the Chikorita Friends plush, I love them :3 The bags and figures were a few awesome freebies too!

Next we have.... CANVAS SHINX! I named him Tiny, as the first thing I said when I picked him up out of his box was "He's so TINY <3" I got him off BrianJapan on eBay :D

This small group of Togepis came from iridescentfox! Unfortunately the plush had a bit of an accident when I decided to give him a bit of a clean over. I sat him of the radiator to dry off and... it made his red markings bleed into the white ^^; Ooops! Never mind though, he's such a cute little thing and he doesn't seem to mind his new pink markings!
Also included was a Togepi kid, Togepi Tomy and a glow-in-the-dark Togepi Keyring!

Next is this Togepi figure lock and Togepi Diorama that I got from meowthcollector! He even included this very cute drawing of Togepi, Misty and Meowth! Poor Meowth ;o;

More plush galore! This is a canvas Drifloon that I got from eggsterminatus! They also included a very cute Pikachu sticker!

Standing Leafeon Tomy who joined my collection about a month ago! She's just so cute! Now all I need is the laying Leafeon Tomy plush and I'll have all three of the Leafeon plushies. Gotta admit, in the games, Leafeon never really stood out to me THAT much, but it's plush and figures are just so adorable. I'm just sticking to getting the plush for now though, as I know any of the Eeveelutions are a very expensive thing to take on for collecting XD

Also, I went to the Midlands Expo here in the UK about a month ago, and decided to snap up this for my Pokémon DVD collection! The 2nd boxset for D/P! I'm hoping to get around to ordering Box set 3 and the Shaymin movie eventually XD

I think that's about that for the new stuff I've gotten over the last month or so, but now time for some fun comparison pictures now I've gotten most of the Togepi line items I was expecting in the mail.

This was the collection about a week ago.

And this is it a week later! What a difference a week makes! XD

Thank you to everyone I bought things off and many thanks to the community in whole. You're all awesome ♥
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