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2nd Anniversary, and..... ABSOL COLLECTION.

Well.... Today officially marks my second anniversary in the community. Doesn't feel that long really.... But as today is very special for me, here's my personal special collection for my personal special Pokemon.

Introducing for the first time ever - My full Absol collection!

The right side close up. Can't remember what colour buttons the nameholder came with, but blue is my fave anyway. Truck was a lucky find on my last day in Japan last year.
Missing but visible in the final photo of this post is the Absol magnet.

Middle close up. Hiei the Pokedoll, 1st Edition TFG, and Absol cleaner are some of my faves. Can't see one of the keychains too well here though...

Left side close up. Mini Cot floating up there too. Some more flats over here.

And finally, the side pic, showing the other flats.

Fave. Tin. EVER.

Focusing on the MC figures. One is EU, other is Japanese. Not much difference, but a slightly different paint tone and the horn is a bit bent on one.

Close up of the flat objects you can't really see in the other photos.

Absol is the only one I'd go as far as to get one in box and one out of box.

I don't think I've ever seen this Absol with the original box to it.

Trozei T-Shirt! I love this thing. There aren't many shirts with Absol on it anyway. From the well-missed Pokemon-Center.com.

Close up.

Last item is my favourite poster. One of those promotional ones to help with the movie. None of these pictures do this beauty justice.

Absol closeup!

And a small comparison of the large poster with the Hasbro (aka large Tomy) figure.

And for the theme.....

July 2007

June 2009

And I leave you all with the usual plead - If you have anything, anything at all Absol you plan on selling, even flats, please let me know. Also looking for anything in other languages, such as an English TOMY/MC figure in box, or that French Absol card you have lying around. Really, ANYTHING.

Thanks for looking :3
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