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Toys N Joys Conclusion & Legs in Love?!

I am not sure how many of you remember this post of mine:

Toys N Joys Lesson Learned

Well, I am here to fill the community in on the conclusion to my Toys N Joys catastrophe! After "Legs" was sent my way, I messaged Toys N Joys. They told me I could send "Legs" back or purchase him at a discounted rate. After what some community members told me, I just decided to keep "Legs" so I purchased him. In the mean time Toys N Joys did message me stating that my Giratina DS bag was on its way! As you can see from the picture the world's most awesome DS carrying bag reached me:

I love this bag and in fact, I now have two just in case something happens to the 1st one I received!

That just left the Giratina Origin Form(e) "action" figure. I messaged Toys N Joys and they said that they were expecting some in Friday's shipment and as soon as they came in my figure would be sent out! About this time I was getting ready to go on vacation, so I figured upon my return I should have a package from Toys N Joys or at least an e-mail stating the figure had been shipped my way! While on vacation I was only able to access my e-mail once due to some unforeseen circumstances and upon my return there was no package and no e-mail from Toys N Joys, was I surprised at this point...nope!

I e-mailed Toys N Joys yet again, their reply was...well, we got them in but we sold out again.

*face palm*

I wanted to blow my top, for when you have customers who have paid for an item waiting you fill their orders first! I kept my cool and asked them, when should I expect my figure? They replied and said more would be arriving in about 2 weeks and they would send me a message once my figure was shipped. I waited and one morning upon checking my e-mail, there it was the message I had been hoping to receive! My figure was on its way...though a little voice in the back of my head told me not to get my hopes up for last time when I was suppose to get the Giratina Origin Form(e) figure, I was sent "Legs!" I could possibly end up with a second "Legs!"

The box arrived and I didn't hesitate to rip it open and here was what was inside:

My figure finally reached me safe and sound surprisingly!! Though Toys N Joys finally got it right, they have lost me as a customer, I don't care if they are selling solid gold Suicunes for $1.00...this experience left a sour taste in my mouth!

Now to rap this up with a fun little photo story! Some are probably wondering how "Legs" has settled into his new home? Well, it is time to find out:

It seems, despite Pickles rudeness towards the newcomer that Legs has developed a crush. I don't know Legs, I think you might be barking up the wrong tree...

Maybe it is just the Spring air?! Or could it be true love for Legs?

What have we here...Legs has come to present Pickles with a gift, but what could it be?!

Why, it is a charm depicting Legs so when Pickles is apart from him in away he will always be with her! Will Pickles except this gift of love and affection?!

Wait?! What is this?! Could it be...Pickles is presenting Legs with a gift of her own! Maybe, just maybe Pickles was a little mean to this newcomer for she was hiding her true feelings!

It is a charm representing Pickles for Legs to wear so Pickles will always be in his heart!

What a nice gift to give each other you silly love struck Giratinas! Awwww, don't they make a cute couple?!

Also, anyone who placed an order over at my eCrater store here recently, Purr's Pokemon Palace...your package was shipped out yesterday, Wednesday the 10th. I have also refunded the shipping differences, if you did not get a is because the shipping eCrater charged was dead on or the difference was only a couple pennies!
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